Eight Signs the Illuminati Orchestrated WW2

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Operating behind their agents, Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, and FDR – the Illuminati waged a merciless war on humanity, destroying nations and murdering 60 million people.

   This article is indebted to ‘Anomalies in History – World War 2’ by Robert Pye, a list of various  discrepancies in the war that reveal the Illuminati controlled both sides. 


David Richards

1) Wall Street Funded the Nazis


Without the capital provided by Wall Street, there would have been no Hitler and no WW2.


In his book ‘Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler’ Professor Anthony G Sutton writes that “General Motors, Ford, General Electric, DuPont,” and other “U.S. companies intimately involved with the development of Nazi Germany were … controlled by the Wall Street banks,” such as “the J.P. Morgan firm, the Rockefeller Chase Bank and to a lesser extent the Warburg Manhattan bank.”


Standard Oil provided a steady supply of oil throughout the war. The oil was shipped to Spain then piped through Nazi-controlled France into Germany.


General Motors and Ford provided 90 % of Nazi armored trucks. IBM produced the Hollerith machines that helped SS Officers manage the round up of dissidents for concentration camps.


2) Why did Hitler pause at Dunkirk, letting the British escape?


The German Army had the massive British expeditionary force at their mercy at Dunkirk in May 1940 but, on Hitler’s orders, held back for three days, thereby allowing 338,000 British and French troops to escape. The German generals, waiting approval to launch a full-scale assault, were left scratching their heads.


This military blunder is inexplicable by conventional standards.


Why did Hitler hold back? The Illuminati wanted WW2 to be a long and bloody conflict – but one Germany would lose. The destruction of the British Army would have given the Nazis an almost unassailable advantage in the war, so Hitler had to let them escape.


3) Why didn’t Hitler commandeer the French fleet?


The Nazis were never serious about exploiting France.


France signed an armistice with the Germans on 22nd June 1940, stipulating that the French fleet would be largely disarmed and confined to harbor, under French control. What insanity! If Hitler had commandeered the French fleet, he would have had overwhelming naval superiority in European waters!


This fleet could have been used to seal the Straits of Gibraltar, the only route the Allies had into the Mediterranean Sea.  


Hitler was a Trojan horse designed to destroy Germany’s national, cultural and racial pretensions, therefore integrating the country into a world government. This is why, instead of executing a sensible strategy to defeat the Allies, he launched a suicidal invasion of the USSR.


4) Why did Stalin take no steps whatsoever to repel the planned German invasion of 22 June 1941?


The goal of the Nazi-Soviet war was to burn out the German war machine.  Stalin’s refusal to preempt the Nazi invasion is evidence that the war was staged.


For months preceding the war, there was a huge build up of Nazi forces on the Soviet border. Soviet spies had infiltrated Nazi ranks and could tell Stalin all their moves, but ‘Uncle Joe’ refused to attack first. Even when the Nazis had four and a half million soldiers and 650,000 vehicles amassed on the Soviet border, Stalin refused to mobilize his defenses!


This gave the Nazis a chance to gain a foothold in Russia and launch a full-scale attack, ensuring a long and bloody conflict.


5) Why did Churchill order the return of 50,000 Cossacks after the war?


In school we are taught that WW2 was a simple story of Good (Allies) vs. Evil (Axis). However, the acts of genocide committed by the Allies render this narrative absurd.


During the war, a large number of Soviet POWs who were opposed to the Stalinist regime offered to fight alongside the Nazis. Most of these were ethnic Cossacks or similar groups persecuted under Communism.


After the war, the Allies forcibly repatriated these men to the Soviet Union, knowing full well that Stalin would kill every last one of them – which he did.


6) Why did Churchill and Truman give Eastern Europe to the Soviets?


Following decisions made at three conferences – Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam – Eastern Europe was handed over to the Soviets. The official reason is that ‘Stalin demanded it’. However, given the military might of the US and the destruction of the Red Army in the conflict with the Nazis, far smaller concessions were possible.


The real reason is that Communism is a tool of the Illuminati and they wanted Soviet Union to expand and bring countries into the NWO. They also wanted the West (capitalist) vs. East (communist) dialectic to be the political paradigm of the second half of the 20th century.


7) The Americans knew about Pearl Harbor in advance


The Illuminati goaded Japan into attacking America.


Aware that Japan received 80% of its oil imports from the US, in 1941 Roosevelt imposed an oil embargo on the country. This was followed by a steel embargo, forcing the Japanese into a war footing with the US.


Evidence abounds that the Americans knew the attack was coming but did nothing to stop it.


They removed the main vessels from Pearl Harbor just prior to the attack, suggesting that they wanted a calamity but didn’t want to lose their best ships.


Most damningly, when the first bombs landed early on Sunday morning, a professional Movietone cameraman was lying in wait to record the attacks. This is why the Americans had color footage of the event. This footage proved invaluable as a propaganda tool in American cinemas. A public previously hostile to war would soon cheer atomic bombs vaporizing Japanese cities.


The war with Japan fulfilled a few Illuminati goals.


1. The destruction of the nationalistic Japan elite.  Since the end of the war, Japan has ruled almost solely by one US-backed political party.


2. It allowed their communist sock puppet Mao Zedong to rise to power. After defeat by the Americans, the Japanese had to abandon their colonies in China, allowing the Nationalists and Communists to fight over control of the entire country. In 1946 American General C. Marshall was sent to China with orders to unify the country. To ensure that Mao took power, he put an arms embargo on the Nationalists (Tragedy and Hope, Carroll Quigley, pg. 907).


2WWdresden2.JPG8) Firebombing campaigns – Sacrifices To Satan


During WW2 there were many firebombing campaigns on densely populated cities.


The most famous is Dresden, in which Churchill murdered 100,000 German civilians. (Victims pictured left.)


The same bombers could have been ordered to bomb the factories of IG Farben, or the German rail network, or the German supply lines to the Eastern front, or German shipping and ports. But no. The incineration of thousands of women and children took precedence.


The Americans committed similar sacrifices in Japan. We all know about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but it is rarely mentioned that US forces savagely firebombed 67 Japanese cities. It is estimated that 500,000 civilians were burned to death in the raids.


These needless attacks were the Illuminati ‘shock doctrine’ in full effect. The intention was to demoralize the world populace and make it accept the authority of the UN.


Considering that the Illuminati are Satanists, these raids also have a deeper meaning. The sacrifice of children by fire is the most potent satanic ritual. The worship of Moloch is the best-known example of this practice. The immolation of these children, along with their mothers, was a deliberate and systematic series of occult sacrifices. 




The Illuminati rely on deception to commit their crimes. To this end they lie, trick and deceive, but they also count on our naivety and ignorance.


Under even minimal critical analysis, the official story of WW2 collapses like a house of cards.

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  1. claus doehring May 11, 2012 at 6:12 am - Reply

    in my opinion this article needs some corrections. hitler paused at dunkirk hoping to create a climate for a possible peace with britain. for the same reason hitler did not take the french fleet. there was no planned german invasion for russia.it was the other way around.russia was motivated to attack germany to stop hitler’s preparation for the invasion of england. the whole war against germany was already orchestrated in 1938 under the leadership of roosevelt with britain, france, russia, and poland as provocateur with the purpose of the destruction of germany. this war was forced on germany. the rest is just propaganda written by the winner what does not mean it is the truth. the scheme has not changed till today.

  2. Glenn Gordon May 8, 2012 at 9:44 pm - Reply

    Again, nobody asks the most relevant questions, sine the corporate media controls the question. Such questions as, “If Germany was economically on its knees and in ruin throughout the 1930s, how on earth did it suddenly acquire a huge military machine? Where did it get its main resource, “oil” to fuel it’s military might?” The answer is from Standard Oil, owned by the Rockefellers. Fritz Thyssen was the go-between from Hitler to Brown Brothers Harriman of the Union Banking Company. Prescott Bush, (George W Bush’s Grandfather) was one of the Directors of the Bank, whom Thyssen would meet to retrieve Nazi funds. BTW. The three gentlemen seated here were all Freemasons. Stalin habitually had his right hand placed underneath his tunic, a mason gesture indicating the “Hidden Hand”. Next to him is Roosevelt. It was Roosevelt who placed the masonic Pyramid and the All-Seeing-Eye on the dollar bill. Next to him is Churchill. Churchill is rumoured to have left the Freemasonry in the early part of the 20th century. However, I believe the reason for his dismay was because of his fathers involvement in the Whitechapel ripper murders of 1888.

  3. dave May 8, 2012 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    Even if the Germans had taken over the French fleet and controlled the entrance to the Med . the British had the Suez canal and could and did reinforce their forces via this conduit . I think this article is a load of shit . maybe there is some truth in it . but overall it is wide open to criticism and ridicule .

    • GuitarMan May 8, 2012 at 11:15 pm - Reply

      Dave, do the research or remain a moron !!!

    • thomas deans May 9, 2012 at 2:13 pm - Reply

      Dave you are not listning!!

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