Election 2016: Will You Be Voting for the US War Machine?

Joseph Lemieux

The United States of America. Home to a huge number of individuals and usually mixed up as the freest country on the planet. In the event that you’ve ever pondered what living in a Historical Empire must be similar to, you’re in good fortune! A large portion of us are as of now living in that Modern Imperialistic Empire. This time stakes are higher, weapons are deadlier, and the data is muddier; the nationals are all the more insensible.

Election 2016 Will You Be Voting for the US War Machine

Torment camps and dark destinations are still permitted to exist; they just help bolster more fanaticism. The automaton program that voids universal law keeps on existing and has extended, murdering a greater number of innocents than real adversaries. It’s a wonderful toward oneself prediction of unending war.

The 2016 decisions will serve for one thing: to seal Americans’ assent for interminable war and proceeded with domain. We purchased the opposition to war change for America in 2008 and 2012 and from that point forward, America has been in more clash. A vote in 2016 is a vote in favor of Empire and its extension.

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