End of the World and World War 3 will Start in 2015/2016 : Shocking Revelations Full Documentary


End of the World and World War 3 will start in 2015 : Revelations Shocking documentary .



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  1. This video provides no new insights. thumbs down.

  2. So they are beheading americans trying to get them to stop attacking in their countries?

    Are these staged?

    Too many bullshit videos

    What the hell would you do to defend your country and family?

    So the beheadings are a good thing trying to stop millions from dying some believe

    Usa pull your forces out of countries not yours

    End of warcrimes and bad youtube conspiracy videos

  3. jaye zeahe says:


  4. Bogus and fourth world Islam. Ride a BMW Motorcycle and be happy.

  5. Andrea Okon says:

    President Cristina of Argentina, totally unaware of all this craziness. This is what I like, she is living in another world, in another time. She definitely does not care. She's happy!!

  6. Jarod Brits says:

    Does anyone else find it weird that the Hawaii volcano eruption was on the same week as the chile earthquake 1 year later? Plus I feel so bad about all those people while I'm stuck up on Instagram people are dying and I didn't realize how bad it really was ?

  7. This video is a little silly. A lot of it is either out of context, or not relevant to the other issues. There has always been a strong level of violence, disease, and natural disasters throughout history. This isn't some revelation of an apocalypse that will happen soon. Although yeah, Isis and terrorism is a serious issue. And it's a scary time to be alive. And global warming is also pretty serious.

  8. copycoonie says:

    worst part is ..i's imagine 75 % of Americans have no clue how much this is BS and they eat it like sugar coated red white and blue sprinkled candy.

  9. its almost 2016 now and nothing happend!

  10. the easta bunny&the tooth fairy&kangaroo jack!?those are the ones we need too watch out for!?

  11. reason why this is wrong

  12. Dengue is not so Bad.
    I got it last year,the only problem is the joint pain.
    Also got chickengunia this year,which is even worse…lol

  13. alex ives says:

    turn on the radio na fk that turn it of.

  14. nasa says: it's a shit.. open official page and shut up!
    predict's it's shit-s

  15. jack hunter says:

    its simple …just nuke the middle east …yup

  16. Alden Crabb says:

    Keep pushing the date forward lol, 2012, then 2013-2014, now 2015-2016 what will you say when 2017 comes lol?

  17. the world war 3 is gunna be armagedon it will be a a battle between good and evil

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