END TIMES PROPHECY NOWADAYS: ISIS Annihilated, World War 3 Begins…


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  1. You are all wrong.

  2. do you have severe learning difficulty's?

  3. where do you christians get all this from. seriously stop trying to predict the future and pinpoint the antichrist. your always wrong. just stop seriously.stick to begging for money to buy mega churches.

    ISLAM/arabs is the LOCUST/scorpion of Revelation 9 !!!

  5. Sharif Hamid says:

    The end Day prophesy in Islam says about a great tribulations as Muslims will follow lifestyle of Non-muslims. Quran speaks very clearly that if Muslims follow Jews and Christians allience(Zionist -ie not purly Jews or Not purely Christian) Allah will treat them as Zionist and anilation will follow.
    So ISIS and other forms of Zionist false flag jihadist movement will deceive many disassociate Muslims who do not practice true religion will gather together and act as tool to punish those so called Muslims.
    The rightly guided Chailphate ended just after 30 years of death of Prophet Muhammed. what replaced it was empire-ism and monarchy.
    The true meaning of Chaliphate is to establish a worldwide system of arrangement where people can get chance to know the message of GOD and live in a world of justice.
    You can find this if you study the time of these 4 successor of Prophet Muhammed (pbh).
    Modern system of welfare state was adapted in the western world from their model.

    About emargence of Mahadi is significant as his chaliphate will resemble similar to the chaliphate of those rightly guided successors. But be very clear about it that his role is just to plow the road to clear obstacles for Return of Jesus Christ. And this Chaliphate shall be governed by Jesus Christ from temple mount after he remove the Leader of United States of Israel.
    Within two years ie by 2017 Israel shall become financial super power of the world and Control and dictate world economy as by then ISIS shall merge with Israel as planned and the shall control the energy supply of the world.

    USA an UK shall be supporting this as their hocaks pokas monitory system shall be falling apart within 2015-2016 and Israel shall be the one who will buy their national debt at a price for pennies. Which means all people in those countries shall be slave of Israel.
    when Jesus takes over Israel from Antichrist Means He shall be in control of world economy. And he shall establish Kingdom of Haven on earth with justice and Equality.

    But problem is many of us won't be able to witness those days as zionist plan of Mass depopulation via nuclear biological and ecological attack will kill off 90% of world's population.

    So whoever feeling excited about comming of Mahadi or Jesus(pbh) should be aware that God's punishment is coming first and only true Beliver of God should be able to survive and be part of that Kingdom.



    1. ISIS is Israel's puppet and ally. No Sunni countries support ISIS ! We already know that ISIS is NOT muslim in our countries. We perceive that Dajjal Antichrist is the One eyed beast, that is Israel and its allies. The Fox. The one world government agenda.

    2. King of North IS NOT IRAN. Iran is from the east. King of the North will be Russia. Today, Sept 2013, Russia has already go to south. Russia has very good relationship with China and India. US and West has already irritated Russia very much by trying to destroy its Ruble value. China learn about this, and defend its Yuan value. Soon China will take action with destroying US dollars value.

    Teaching or Shia iranian is very positive toward Jesus Christ. They have the Gospel of Jesus according to Ali, son of Muhammad. Among other sects, Shia and Ahmadiyya is the nearest to follow Christ, when he truly come again. You have no proof whatsoever taht Antichrist will come from Iran.

    And this is the fact now:
    Russia + China + Iran + India = Asia central core has been known and NEVER ever attack or invade other remote countries like you westerners.

    Now we do NOT even need USA or Europe, except as our market. Asian market is huge and developing.

    We have technology and we can produce and build everything. We have huge internal market. We produce everything you can imagine and use in your life.

    Chittim ships (western) will NOT be able to defeat this central Asia powers.

    Western people, you must prepare for the worst. You must beware of elements WITHIN yourselves. The evil agenda within you.

  7. Pete Deiler says:


  8. GreatestDee says:

    You live my the sword you shall die by the sword

  9. God’s Current End of the World Prophecies, but Bas Boon knows were to hide! Read more here http://basboon.com/?p=1978

  10. man is the center of the universe he creates all things, war pestilence famine

  11. How can islam be a religion of anti-Christ when they believe in Jesus himself, and they love him as one of their own prophets, never do they speak ill of him when in the bible it states that the anti-Christ will spread blasphemy of the god of gods in Daniel 11:36
    2ndly the fortress is clearly staes in the old testaments that it refers to the temple of dome which soon will be taken over by the Muslims in the near future, probably very soon and it will be the fortress the bible states.
    Well, there are many I would like to point out but I'm sure we all can read and understand the bible and quran if translation if you rely want to know the truth rather than watch videos which are mostly deceiving
    Just my 2 cents worth 

  12. Some people or most people including the Christians don't understand the meaning of idol worshipping.
    Both old and New Testament states strictly no idol worshipping that clearly states imagery of any person or god. We have churches with has image of Jesus Christ sculptured. Isn't that idol worshipping in the first place?

  13. Pam Ackroyd says:

    You people are Terrorist GOD IS NOT REAL

  14. annastesia67 says:

    i thought kittim was the ancient name of china,because kittim is in the east not west!

  15. World War Three is only a theory and not necessarily a concrete coming event. The turmoil in the Bible refers to the muslim nations that surround Israel, not a world war situation. Russia thumping isis may be the extent of a nation outside of the Middle East that uses its strength to crush terror. Time will tell; we shall see.  Nice video.

  16. David Grau says:

    i can see ww3 in our sights

  17. So God/Allah SENT the last 2 prophets at 600 years apart and now the believers of each prophet make war against each other!!!! So the fucken ass hole main commander flying in the sky MADE 2 PREVIOUS MISTAKES OR WHAT???? So if the end times does not HAPPEN as ISIS WISHES, WHAT ARE THOSE COWARDS GOING TO DO? When they kill they say "ALLAHU Akbar" well THAT IS ALREADY A TICKET TO HELL!!!! What will they do when Allah disappoints them!!!! Self destruct as they are doing now might not happen fast enough, the west will PARADE THE ASS HOLES IN ALL CITIES – then what?

  18. You have no understanding of biblical prophecies.

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