Endtimes – Oil Collapse – Final Act – Illuminati Global Economy Meltdown


This astonishing documentary reveals the oil colapsy that will lead to the end of the world as we know it. Petroleum experts and former big companies CEOs …


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  1. hey man! great videos! been following you for a little while and I wanted to say keep it up, it's really appreciated. I hope as many people as possible watch your videos. hope things are safe where you are, seems like we are on the brink of collapse. hopefully we can still see Content from you after October 1st. God bless you brother.

  2. Petter Pam says:

    Now I know why George W Bush senior meant by a Humanity knew what we did to them they would hunt us down like wild animals please watch allies of humanity YouTube it

  3. God put oil here for us to use.

  4. Na Kara says:

    Crude Oil is a HOAX!

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