Energy Invention Suppression May Finally Be Ending; LENR Cold Fusion Is a Practical Reality!

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In August 2010 I became far more aware than I had been before of the pervasive and longstanding Suppression of Free Energy and Energy Conserving Technologies by our Federal Government, Big Oil, Big Energy, and other “Powers That Be.”

The above occurred when I found Gary Vesperman’s compilation of ninety five (95) Energy Invention Suppression Cases on the Internet at:

In my opinion every American should read the above 132 page document (as of 9/2007) of Energy Invention Suppression Cases in its entirety. (This statement especially applies to persons involved in the OWS Movement, especially its leadership. No leader of the OWS Movement should not become Very Familiar with Gary Vesperman’s material. It contains crucial information in regard to how We the People Are All Getting Screwed, as well as alludes to “who is doing the screwing”.)

Gary Vesperman’s material changed my life.

It helped me to understand the Big Picture in regard to the Suppression of Truth by our Federal Government far better than I had before.

My life experience and expertise up until the point I read Gary Vesperman’s material was only in the realm of the Suppression of Medical, Health, and Nutritional Supplement Truths by Big Pharma and our Federal Government. (I am personally a victim of such suppression. As a result of numerous alternative medical discoveries, since January 2010 I have had multiple attempts on my life.)

As a result of finding Gary Vesperman’s material on the internet in August 2010, I decided to write a blog in regard to the Suppression of Truth in general. The blog I wrote in this regard is titled “Suppression of Great Truth Is the Norm It Seems” (8-30-2010) as per the link below.

[The above mentioned blog did not get much attention for a little over a year. Things began to change this fall. As of this fall the above blog has gone “Somewhat Viral” on the Internet, and the attention it is getting continues to grow. This blog is in the process of being heard around the world at this point.]

When I first became familiar with the broad scope of Energy Suppression, I thought to myself…

“How can this be? How can our Government get away with suppressing all of these incredibly helpful inventions and ideas… and get away with such suppression for decades?”

However, I knew at this point that if *Just One* of the Incredibly Helpful *Free Energy Inventions* and/or *No Carbon Footprint Energy Inventions* saw the light of day such that the general public became aware of it… then it was inevitable that many of these Energy Invention Innovations would see the light of day as well.

Well, the Day of Truth has come for one Incredibly Helpful Energy Invention, and One with *No Carbon Footprint* at all.

Cold Fusion Has Become A Practical Reality!

A man named Andrea Rossi, and his LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) E-Cat water and home heating device is about to change human history.

The E-Cat has been adequately proven to the Scientific Community in a number of countries around the world. (This occurred throughout 2011.)

What the above means is that *Almost* Free Energy without BURNING ANY FOSSIL FUEL OR LEAVING ANY CARBON FOOTPRINT WHATSOEVER can not be suppressed any more!

I am going to define the word *Almost* in the above. What follows are two excerpts from the official E-Cat website of

Excerpt One:

The ECAT will revolutionize energy production as we know it. The energy generated by an ECAT has the following features:

High Energy Density Fuel (200 000 times oil)
Low Fuel Costs (1kg Ni has energy equivalence of 200 000kg oil)
Low Operation and Maintenance Costs (the modular design admits minimal maintanence)
Minimal Fuel Transport Cost (only 2 refuelings/year under continous run)
Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Zero Noise (only noise from auxilliary products <50dB)


[Note the phrase Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the above.]


Except Two:

ECAT Comparison

The Energy Density of the ECAT is enormous only comparable with nuclear reactors. By weight the Energy Density is 200 000 times higher than oil and by volume the ECAT has a factor 2 million in energy density. This means that 1 liter of ECAT fuel represents over 100 tank trucks of oil. 1 Barrel of ECAT fuel represents a filled supertanker with oil. The difference is so staggering that it is hard to comprehend. The impact on transport and geo-economics will be severe. Japan is harvesting Uranium from the ocean at concentrations as low as 5ppb due to the energy content in nuclear reactions. The ECAT offer energy densities at higher levels than those of uranium with abundant non-radiactive materials. The ECAT process is non-radioactive and leaves no residual radioactive materials.


The following web links and details explain more:

1. NASA Calls Cold Fusion (LENR) a Game Changer; by Sterling D. Allan

2. Videos on the YouTube channel of Free Energy Truth

3. Cold Fusion Now Website on WordPress

4. Google search results for ecat rossi:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=abf055fc2d4df729&biw=800&bih=470

5. The Official Website of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer called E-Cat

Copy taken from the above link:

Cold fusion is a subject that has been debated for many years, but what used to be a discussion about research has now moved on to the next level where products based on cold fusion technology are at the centre. Many consider the term LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) to be a more appropriate description of the physical reaction which is producing the excess energy observed by a large number of independent researchers and scientists.

This physical phenomenon has been observed for decades, yet in small quantities of Watts, but it is not until now that continuous and stable output of several kilowatts have been successfully generated. Andrea Rossi is the man behind the final leap. It took him almost 18 years to develop the Energy Catalyzer (E-CAT), a device which produces excess heat and which will be the core of a new product range in the energy sector. With a completely green technology leaving neither toxic nor radioactive waste, Rossi’s ECAT has the potential to be the solution to the global energy problem. During 2011/2012, will collect pre-orders and provide answers to inquires from potential customers. Due to the high expected demand for ECAT products, orders will be put on a waiting list and delivery is scheduled for 2012/2013 (depending on product).



Safe and AFFORDABLE cold fusion for home heating and water heating is scheduled to become a commercial reality in late 2012 or 2013.

This LENR technology also has the capability to make electricity, desalinate water, and provide power to automobiles (anything that makes electricity has such).

Once this practical and affordable LENR technology becomes widely used in homes and commercial buildings, the Suppression of *Numerous Other Free Energy Technologies* by our own Federal Government, the Oil Industry, Big Energy, etc. should end as well.

Why isn’t this E-Cat device being widely discussed on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox News yet?

Why isn’t this E-Cat device being widely written about in major print media such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and USA Today as well?

If President John F. Kennedy were still alive and happened to be our President today, my guess is that sometime last fall he would have made a Public Announcement To America that due to Andrea Rossi and the development of the E-Cat… soon Americans would not have to be so dependent on Oil any more.

And then President Kennedy would have mandated that the U.S. Patent Office “Fast Track” the patent application of the E-Cat, and mandated that U.L. Laboratory “Fast Track” its testing process as well.

Where did all the Good Presidents go?

Allen Darman



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  1. Gregoryyc January 27, 2012 at 12:27 am - Reply

    Where did all good presidents go ? Well They all got assacinated. Lincoln. Kennedy. who else ? And I don’t see any other good ones left really only the idiots of scarycats or scammers. You see it’s so “Dangerous” being “good” president. Only the wimp will survive. There are so many “judas” . So many Barons who will do ANYTHING to keep their power and gold. . And then there’s you and I who were goaded and followed blindly those oxymorons with big thick bankbooks and lived our lives of lies caredlessly . Now our eyes have been open and we are able to see a clearer new reality. Sure it is better late than never.
    Here I call for universal exorcism of criminal guilty ones and banned them from earth on a moribund spaceship powered by E-cat or Hyperion or any other previously suppressed technologies and let them eschew the value of being good in another damned planet , if they will land on one alive, if ever. Join me denouncing such.

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