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Subscribe to FATV: http://bit.ly/FATVSub The senior England team travel from Luton (England) to Chantilly (France) for the 2016 European Championship …


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  2. Vardy Bruv y leave arsenal waiting

  3. MyYuwono says:

    as long as not ended up with penalties england will have a chance.

  4. Casto Don says:

    In 2 weeks time England will be back home again empty handed ?

  5. Same every tournament haha

    They make a HUGE deal about the arrival and remember this footage haha

    This footage will be shown as we exit rapid and this is the first thing they always show haha

    (Show footage of arrival)

    Mark my words ha

  6. come on England!

  7. b fullofcare says:

    Bring that trophy home boys, good luck. X

  8. Numesis says:

    Bienvenue à vous l'Angleterre, mais ne vous faites pas trop d'illusions, vous êtes juste la pour faire acte de présence, la coupe, c'est nous qui allons la gagner !

  9. Rajen Patel says:

    Hodgson "This is Wayne Rooney"
    No shit Roy!!

  10. keep those engines running captain…..

  11. Its so sad Wayne Rooney has to be a kiss ass to Roy

  12. typical England fans, the worst fans imaginable, all they do is go to tournaments to cause trouble, they embarrass the whole country, what scum, England will fail as usual anyway, they are far too conservative, just looking for draws,

  13. Ball kicking load of effeminate faggots.  Too workshy to get a real mans job !!

  14. Van's MTV says:

    on dirait des jeunes premiers les anglais ils abusent même au foot faut qu'ils aient du style

  15. Gav Begg says:

    rooney isn't a captainhe doesnt realise he is supposed to shake hands of he people waiting at airport or hotel. its left to other senior players to do it

  16. Yooyanger says:

    Haha look at Rooney 2:18 just walks out with the crowd encircling him but he's just got his hands in his pockets chewing gum. Then someone tries to shake his hand hahahaha

  17. Its a shame they cant show charm, class, humility and grace

  18. If you took the starting 11 of all teams and added up the weekly wage packets, would it be fair to say England would be well out in front?
    Yet they never really look like winning anything and the players just seem way overrated and devoid of decent skills on a consistent basis.
    I think the last bit of skill was John Barnes against Brasil.
    Theres a reason the top teams dont have many English players, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico

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