England Instigated World War Two

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London’s aim was one of cornering the Reich in such a way that it would invariably end up fighting, only to be defeated once and for all and, as Churchill said, “gutted and dismembered”. Vansittart’s own words were: “…the German Reich … has got to go under, and not only under, but right under”.

Retired German General Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof’s new book supports my view that the Second World War was waged to remove Germany as an obstacle to Illuminati One World Government. Reviewer Thomas Dunskus calls this policy a “disaster” for the British; but for the Illuminati, it was a total success.  

Review by Thomas Dunskus
Abridged from Amazon site by henrymakow.com

Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof‘s book,“1939-The War that had many Fathers”, now going into its seventh German edition, unfolds the period between the two major European wars of the 20th century and shows us that foreign policy deals with questions of power and not with issues of morality…

There is a document written by the Permanent Secretary of the British Foreign Office, Sir Robert Vansittart, dated 6 September 1940 on the subject of German approaches in Sweden aimed at bringing the war to an end.

This document has been published by Martin Allen in his book “The Hitler-Hess Deception”, but, while many other documents published by Allen have been called forgeries by the British National Archives (an incredible accusation when one considers the amount of work involved and the most uncertain benefits to be expected), this document has not been incriminated.

(left, Robert Vansittart, In January 1930 he was appointed Permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign Office, where he supervised the work of Britain’s diplomatic service.)

It contains the strange sentence: “The enemy is the German Reich and not merely Nazism and [certain people]… would let us in for a sixth war even if we survive the fifth”.

The meaning is, at first, totally obscure because Britain and Germany fought each other only once, in WW1, but it becomes clear if we read another statement in the same note: “… the German Reich and the Reich idea have been the curse of the world for 75 years…”.

Reading Vansittart’s unspeakable propaganda leaflet “Black Record”, it becomes evident that, for London, it was a matter of removing Germany as as a power factor in Europe, something that the prudent armistice proposed by the Germans in 1918 had prevented at that time. Germany’s mere existence as a state with a political agenda of its own was a serious threat and had to be fought.

Seen in this light, London’s behavior in the 1920s and 1930s takes on a certain rationality. Schultze-Rhonhof explains that London’s aim was one of cornering the Reich in such a way that it would invariably end up fighting, only to be defeated once and for all and, as Churchill said, “gutted and dismembered”. Vansittart’s own words were: “…the German Reich … has got to go under, and not only under, but right under”.

At the time of the Munich crisis, such a policy could not be implemented because Britain was not yet strong enough and American aid was quite uncertain; another year was needed to reach a level of rearmament which would allow Britain to fight Germany, but the time frame was narrow, because this window of opportunity would close in the early 1940s, once Germany had completed her own preparations.

The complete crumbling of the Czechoslovak state in the spring of 1939 – after Poland had already ripped out the Teschen area within a month of Munich – led to the decision of the country’s president, Hacha, to visit Berlin. Slovakia had become independent; Hitler made today’s Czechia a German protectorate; Hacha remained at his post and the country survived WW2 without major damage.

Once, however, Germany claimed Danzig and a corridor through the Corridor, England extended an unsolicited, unenforceable and never executed guarantee to Poland which prompted Warsaw to become deaf to all German proposals. Britain now had an excuse to declare war, but Hitler, while being a convenient scapegoat, was no longer of any importance.

London’s policy was anchored in the 19th century, but failed miserably in 1945: Europe was in shambles, Poland was under Soviet domination, Soviet tanks stood an hour’s drive from the North Sea and the British Empire was a thing of the past. Economically, Britain was bankrupt and indebted to the US; moreover, within a mere ten years the western rump of Germany would top Britain in industrial production.

Looking back, there is no way but to call British actions in 1939 infantile and the result a disaster. The German Reich had been painted as a bogey-man but this blocked the view of the real world. Having believed their own propaganda, the Allies felt entitled to destroy the historical substance of continental Europe, thus creating a cultural and mental wasteland which constitutes a major crack in the structure of the western world to this day and which will perhaps never be completely closed.

Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof, an officer, not a historian, has cast a valuable spotlight on how all this came about.



Thanks to Alexandre for the tip.

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  1. Gus October 14, 2011 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    I believe that the seeds for these events were sown much further back in history.

    The Germanic Peoples actually became the most favored and noteworthy clan of ‘Christendom’ at the establishment of The First Reich.

    The First Reich Fuer was Chalemange, The King of The Holy Roman Empire. His coronation, as such, by The Holy Roman Pontiff elevated the Germanic Tribes into the spotlight of history.

    This relationship placed The Pope as the ‘Spiritual Head’ of the Holy Roman Empire, and Charlemange as the ‘Temporal Head’ of The Holy Roman Empire.

    In concert with The Pope’s wishes, Emperor Chalemange then turned the military might of the Germanic Tribes under him to the missionary conquest of Europe, and through these efforts ‘Christendom’ became a Euro-pean Phenomina.

    ‘Christendom’ of the ‘Middle Ages’ was anti-Jew. They recognized the insidious nature of the ‘Enemies of The Cross of Christ’, and under ‘Christendom’ the great Jew expulsions and inquisitions prospered.

    From this era come the Vatican ‘Swiss Guards’ a vestige of that ‘First Reich’ and the favor that the Germanic Tribes had with the Papacy.

    In the late ‘Middle Ages’ the King of England wished to divorce. The Pope forbade it.

    The English Monarch then split from Europ-ean ‘Chistendom’. He proclaimed himself ‘Head of The Christian Church in England’, and the enemy of The Holy Roman Empire.

    His vitriol fell heavily upon the Germanic Peoples because of their long standing in favor with, and in support of the Papacy.

    Under the adage, “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”, England became the first European Kingdom to embrace Jews; who had viewed ‘Christendom’ here to for as their mortal enemy.

    And so we see that it is from England, the original compromises with, and aiders of the Jews, that ‘World Jewry’ finds it’s foothold in history and society.

    England ‘secularized’ Christianity. It engaged and treaties with the Jews, the enemies of Christ. It’s Oxford University Press published the Scofield Bible, calling for the establishment of the Jewish State in Palestine (1909 before the State of Israel existed, and was still in it’s planning stages).

    Later it promised Palestine to The Zionists, and was instrumental in it’s establishment.

    England has a 600 year old hatred for the Papacy, a tradition spawned by a lustful and wrathful English Monarch, and his desire to divorce his Christian wife. This ‘unchastity’ was the seed which led eventually to England embracing the Jews, the other enemies of The Papacy, and enabling them to become The Zionist predators which they are today.

    The Germanic Peoples were singled out as England’s ‘enemies’ long ago; simply because they were in favor with the Papacy, and had supported the Pope in his decision to forbid the English Monarch’s divorce.

    For those who may be interested in the intricate details of this story portrayed very accurately in film, the motion picture, “A Man For All Seasons” is highly recommended.

  2. Lucky Saint Luis September 12, 2011 at 9:44 pm - Reply

    I couldnt even agree more to this but we got to put an end to history because history is happening right now, here in front of all of us, same game, same people being supported by decadence and ignorance. Unite, we are Slaves United

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