Erwin Rommel – Infantry Attacks During World War 1 I WHO DID WHAT IN WW1?


Erwin Rommel’s book Infantry Attacks in our Amazon Store: (Affiliate Link) Erwin Rommel had his baptism of fire during the initial …


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  1. Panzer Commander by Hans Von Luck, also has a lot of good information on Rommel, by one of his top recon commanders. Second world war, but it highlights the decent nature, and aggressive tactics of the man, mentioned here.

  2. Was it common or true that soldiers were given 3 seconds to go over the top of the trench and charge the enemy or risk being shot by an officer

  3. Hello, I'm graduating in philosophy, you could talk about Ludwig Wittgenstein, i know he was a soldier in the war.
    Your biggest fan from Brazil;
    Mateus Magaldi

  4. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim?

  5. I wish Erwin Rommel had not killed himself. He was a man of honor and respected the Allies as a formidable foe capable of fighting the German War Machine…

    He would've been a great leader for Germany, post-German Socialist Worker's Party and after World War 2.

  6. GelKaas says:

    A very nice episode!
    Probably my first comment on youtube ever, but it's just too good to stay aside!

  7. Rommel my kind of Man!!

  8. he won the Blue Max… says it all

  9. I have been a volunteer in the Italian Army in 2003/4 in the Alpini Corps (mountain troops). My barracks were just under Monte Matajur and, during training we followed backwards the roads Rommel made during WWI. Cheers folks!!!

  10. why does youtube keep unsubbing me from you guys?

  11. Do one on Göring.

  12. Erwin Rommel was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best Commander on both World Wars and XX centuary (even better than Erich von Manstein and George .S. Patton). Great in the battelfield and outside it.

    Rommel (piece on his soul) makes me remember D. Nuno Álveres Pereira. This warrior began his military career with 13 years old in the Order of Crist (Knights Templar). When he was 24, He was tasked to lead all the Portuguese Armies and stop the Castillians, French and Italians from invading Portugal.

    Check this out- Battle of Trancoso, Battle of Atoleiros, Battle of Aljubarrota, Battle of Valverde.

  13. cpt spitfire says:

    dear indy, great job on the videos, do you know who the most highly decorated service member of the great war was, and for what, and will you be doing more videos on aviation during ww1

  14. Donna Sachs says:

    In "Infantry Attacks" Rommel describes what he did in an action, and then tells the lessons he learned. Possibly the best book on ww1 I've ever read (translated). It is in many public libraries.

  15. Manu Sauvain says:

    Rommel became super-sayan when he got over 9000 prisoners!

  16. thanks for making this about Erwin Rommel i absolutely love field marshal Erwin Rommel and all that he stood for.even his enemies respected him

  17. I have a book with Rommel's hand written report of that hill battle including an illustration of the positions and advance in his own hand … was a fascinating page to find

  18. Fritz Jahn says:

    Could you make a special on Hindenburg?

  19. ThomasMoar says:

    Based Rommel. We will never see his kind again.

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