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  1. Underthought says:

    97 percent of scientists say man-made climate change is real, this is not a conspiracy. I'm sorry to say you have been fooled by the right wing media here, to try and cover up this fact and letting the 3% speak as if they are 50% or more

  2. @Underthought just to offer a slight correction… 3% of scientists say its a scam, 1% of scientists ( the same guys the govt uses in every issue) parrot the party line (like they always do regardless,) and 96% of scientists have not yet offered an opinion.

  3. ImpGuardsman says:

    @htmlviewer360 It's nature… Justice is an illusion. When you have nothing to eat you'll not hesitate for second to for food… Not a second.

  4. ImpGuardsman says:

    @TheNinjazorz To kill*

  5. Gary Harden says:

    I LOVE it!
    Hey does anyone know where to get Non-GMO soymilk? Yeah, GMO food is EVEN in health foods!

  6. pat442389 says:

    @Underthought Climate Change is very real, but man being the main reason why is bullshit. planets in our solar system are heating up as well. dont just blame the right because ppl like al gore have billion dollar companies hoping to get carbon taxes signed into law. im a democrat and think our enviroment is important but all reasons must be looked at and we must realize man is a tiny spec compared to the universe, the planet and mother nature

  7. teronno says:

    @aodscarecrow Dude. That is absolute nonsense. I study earth sciences at the University of Toronto (not that the school matters), and of the hundreds of profs on the payroll, you could not find a single anthropogenic climate change skeptic. NOT A SINGLE ONE. The only schools in which you could find climate change skeptics would be those funded by the energy sector (eg: U of Alberta (and even there skeptics would comprise a minute minority)) or by some ass-backwards church.

  8. teronno says:

    @aodscarecrow You can't simply assume that EVERY global-scale development/issue is intimately associated with some grand conspiracy… some things, still, are beyond human control, believe it or not. and btw, if you see "sustainable development" as being part of some sinister plot, then i would ask you what form of development you would prefer/trust? what could be more logical? make sure to focus your earnest ire on the real problems: partisan politics, economics, and religion!

  9. teronno says:

    @reksub10 people didn't cause ALL the global warming, obviously, but if you think we didn't cause ANY of it, you have no idea what you're talking about. read a geography textbook!

  10. teronno says:

    @pat442389 note: someone who says "i think our environment is important" probably doesn't think about the environment all that much.

  11. pat442389 says:

    @teronno yeah ur right… go pay al gore your hard earned money every time you shit, fart or drive.

  12. reksub says:

    @teronno how do you know that any action humans have ever taken has caused the planet to heat up on a global scale,,, …have we harmed this planets eco systems ,yes through polution but is it causing the planet to heat up? ,,so why would a geography book be help full in a global problem? regions dont matter if its a global problem,im not saying the planet isnt heating up but is it humans causing it?

  13. tcunero says:

    im sorry, this stuff is so full of BS, all i can say is in the end i will be able to say "I told you so"

  14. @aodscarecrow

    I really don't know why I'm bothering but I'll chuck my two cents in here. My understanding of the opinion of the scientific community regarding global warming (don't call it climate change, the climate changes every few seconds, it's a dynamic ever-changing system) is that it is very real but likely not anthropogenic. It'll be a little harder to argue against global warming in a few billion years when the sun enters it's red giant phase.

  15. 1allstarman says:

    the planet is warming..burning of fossel fuel csnnot help the situation. considering how we are being lied to about every other important issue……..

  16. 1allstarman says:

    I have come to realize taxes are merely to keep the working class enslaved , and to monopolize our labor,which is the only mechanism of true value on the planet,beside raw materials ,which require labor to refine.

  17. 1allstarman says:

    this is why corporations and the elite rich are not paying taxes .but indiviudual persons are paying the majority .

  18. 1allstarman says:

    plus i heard on the news yesterday last year was the warmest in history so. since it was on the mainstream media, was it just fodder for the carbon tax agenda?

  19. 1allstarman says:

    LOL so not one scientist thinks global warming is is happening? not one? on the entire planet?

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