Ethics: Obamacare Begins Rationing Pre-Existing Conditions


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About a week before the end of my social work education I bore witness to a presentation on Obamacare. The social work professor giving the presentation was supposedly an expert in healthcare administration, Medicare and Medicaid. With these credentials I figured the least I could do was entertain his presentation and try to learn something. Unfortunately, it quickly progressed into one of those situations where just sitting back and keeping my mouth shut was not an option.

Ethics Obamacare Begins Rationing Pre-Existing Conditions

Instead of demonstrating an actual understanding of the law in and of itself; the professor went about in the usual liberally biased fashion and discredited capitalism, the constitution and our existing healthcare system. The best part however was the twenty minute cartoon describing how Obamacare would be paid for. This cartoon featured a little “Uncle Sam” character running around the country with a jar. What was he doing with the jar? Forcing money from other people’s pockets of course. While I was sitting there in utter amazement I realized that the other students didn’t quite grasp the point here. The professor was admitting that not only would you be forced to pay higher taxes to pay for the implementation of the law, but you would still have to purchase a plan through the health care exchanges. In other words, we are being double tapped. When challenging this professor on his assumptions of this lunacy producing actual results he responded by saying “All we can do is hope it works.” This is master’s level education at its finest folks, your tax dollars hard at work turning your kids’ brains into mush.

I found this to be a relevant start to this article because it directly relates to the events of today. Professor Munoz, this is for you sir.

The Government Accountability Office released a report today stating that the preexisting condition program which was an essential element of Obamacare has already begun rationing services because of budget constraints. New patients are literally being denied enrollment into the program because there simply isn’t enough money. Wow, with a 16.7 trillion dollar debt, who would have figured that? If this isn’t bad enough Health and Human Services is actually redirecting costs to people who have already been enrolled in the program. Unbelievable! This of course does little else but raise the costs for these people who have already been enrolled. If I remember correctly the very reason Obamacare was rushed into law (without having been read) was because of greedy insurance companies that deny people the care they need for preexisting conditions. Such is the way I suppose.

In what can best be described as typical liberal behavior, Louisiana state senator Karen Carter Peterson, who also serves as the Democrat committee chair played the race card on the senate floor. She must have been angry that Obamacare is once again proving to be nothing more than a bad train wreck because she said that anyone who opposes the healthcare law is doing so only because of their opposition to a black president. What an original statement, and one made with such sophistication that there is no way that white people could ever understand how racist we are for opposing such a well thought out plan. That reminds me of something. In a social work research class at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow Oklahoma I was taught a little about research ethics. Did you know that it was ethical to lie in research when the subject revolves around racism? Notice I didn’t say unethical, I said ethical. The reason being is that only the educated researchers understand what constitutes racism and because we don’t it is o.k. to lie to make up the difference. Given the fact that we have been accused of racism for every word of dissatisfaction we have spoken against Obama I am sure you can see the relevance. I think the senator should realize that we are no longer going to play this game.

Over the past three years conservatives, along with the new surprise of being targeted by the IRS, have been the subject of a relentless assault of vicious attacks where we are accused of outright racism simply for observing the fatal flaws of Obamacare. As a student I was constantly referred to as a racist for questioning not only Obama but the growth and destructive nature of the welfare state. Liberals cannot and will not admit when they are wrong. This is why they resort to behavior that is best comparable to fifth graders. Through all of this it has been proven time and time again that the 2800 page health care law, that has morphed into 20,000 pages of regulations incidentally, is an abject failure that will cost billions if not trillions more to implement than originally projected. Now, as predicted, services are being rationed because of a lack of funds and in typical fashion we are being called racist for noticing. What is it going to take? For those of us who use our brain housing group it doesn’t take more than realizing the government has a 16.7 trillion dollar debt, so it cannot afford to implement Obamacare. We realize that the only place government gets its money is us, the taxpayer, and their appetite for our money is insatiable. What is it about this that liberals don’t see? Truthfully I can’t wait to see the shock on the blind supporters face as they slowly begin to realize it is unworkable and they have given away their decision making power to an unaccountable bureaucracy. Wait a minute, what am I thinking? It will be the republicans fault!

I’m afraid that it will take hitting absolute rock bottom for the ignorant to realize what it is they are surrendering and just who they are surrendering it to. You know that we are in serious trouble when people are willing to sacrifice something they don’t fully understand (constitutional liberty) for something they can only hope works. (Obamacare) Thank you college professors everywhere, for your unbiased objectivity.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    In many states Obamacare replaces the VA Administration.
    That is a breach of contract to all military veterans.

  2. doesntmatter says:

    obamacare will ration EVERYTHING!!!

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