EU4 Extended Timeline Mod: AI ONLY World War 1 [Mare Nostrum Gameplay] Part 18


Europa Universalis 4 w/Extended Timeline Mod [World War 1 AI Only] Eu4 Mare Nostrum on Steam: Extended …


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  1. "How did Russia lose all this much?"
    Now that's a cracklord sentence if I've ever heard one.

  2. Tom Clark says:

    This allways happens, everyone allways declares on uk

  3. Tom Clark says:

    TBF France r getting rekt, all the British have to do is peace out with the USA asap. The Spanish won't do anything

  4. Cisdevils says:

    Poor Britain.

  5. Player: Great Britain has left the game (Reason: RAGE Quit!)

  6. Kaiser says:

    Watch the UK unrival and ally the Germans.

  7. Blur 13 says:

    Wow a nice anti British episode

  8. Gmeister says:

    There goes my vote.

  9. ultra bruce says:

    Bought EU4 cos I liked the videos. Turns out 1 game takes over 20 hours to complete. :(


  11. even though Britain is going to lose badly we are still not going to see an independent India

  12. Het Munt says:

    long live the netherlands

  13. Dominator 45 says:

    So it's bassicly another world war

  14. Gabbe222 says:

    the colonial conquest by usa against uk says "attacker controlls manila" not Bahamas cracklord

  15. says:

    where did his glasses go

  16. JOE says:

    so the Japanese German alliance must break down because the british pitted them against eachother

  17. Mikel Apuada says:

    why 69 Murcia?

  18. Peter Petrov says:

    huh i thought the Germans were more likely to support britain rather than joining the coalition agains them but i guess not

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