EU4 Extended Timeline Mod: AI ONLY World War 1 [Mare Nostrum Gameplay] Part 3


Europa Universalis 4 w/Extended Timeline Mod [World War 1 AI Only] Eu4 Mare Nostrum on Steam: Extended …


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  1. Zaptos Media says:

    Drew the italian warscore is possible, because you use flat development, and reduced the European provinces to the African level. So the occupation of France is as valuable as the one of Lybia. If you can, please never use flat development again, it makes everything so unrealistic.

  2. Stef Dasca says:

    Ethiopia became a colony just before WW2

  3. What about an ancent time eu4 (like roman empire)

  4. Jack Zionts says:

    Drew you should do a American civil war timeline. It is different from the Victorian timeline because the United States has expended to the west. There is also the Confederate States.

  5. Iain Goldie says:

    Germany cannot join an offensive war against France because of their truce

  6. the British blockade is whats hurting Italy Imagine if China comes back what will the Ottomans do they've been too quiet watch Germany declare war once Italy's finished with France Germany and Russia should go to war

  7. "Japan will be strong in this one."
    -Yoda 20crackteen

  8. Pssst Mongolian rebels attacked japan..

  9. Gintare Kuku says:

    Wait the commonwealth is still around!? #Lithuania and Poland

  10. There's a 28 stack of French troops right there at the edge of eastern India @ 4:12

  11. Ai loves to kill rebels. I had my vassals go to russia to kill their rebels and we not were at war.

  12. Marcusjnmc says:

    This war is looking more like the boxer rebellion than 2nd world war, where china got wrecked by the rest of the world

  13. PatAscent says:

    This is the first campaign I'm seeing China do badly

  14. Weasel boy says:

    ethiopia was never colonized

  15. IDALY … IDALY IDALY!!… DOOILY .. HOWDLY DIDILY .. IDALY! … please its I-TALY TTT!! TTT! .. :L you sound like ned flanders

  16. @BAStartGaming the truce does stop Italy from calling in Germany

  17. Henry Chen says:

    When you finally realize that he put the game on flat development…

  18. Drew this is just a idea but you should play the soviets in the beggining of the Cold War and see if you can invade Europe or China and expand from there

  19. Who know maybe even go to war with America if you get strong enough

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