European capital in shock after Britain votes to leave EU


The European Union leadership in Brussels were in shock after the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU in the first reversal of European integration since the …


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  1. Chad Justice says:

    send all the fucking foreigners back or better yet hang everyone of them who has committed crimes against the British people

  2. It's interesting to read all the comments ragging on the UK You can rest assured that right now, UK business are working out trade deals with other countries and the UK will come out of this on top. The markets are volatile — so what? The markets drop if someone farts in the wrong direction. The UK can now tell the un-elected, un-democratic EU parliament to go F themselves, they need us more than we need them (just look at the trade partnership with the EU). Good riddance to bad rubbish, EU.

  3. So the Brits told the unelected socialist eurocRATS & international bankstas to stick it where the sun don't shine.
    Now that is what I call a democratic process.. Well done, Britain, much respect.
    Meanwhile the Irish and Scots still need a surrogate teat to suck on… pathetic!

  4. tripleheshy says:

    So these unelected criminals who CANNOT be fired are upset eh??? GOOD! These idiots should all be sitting in jail. Little wonder why Obama wanted the UK to stay in.

  5. brad jones says:

    The EU rules state that if a member wants to leave they can. The UK took a vote and more people voted to leave than not. Thats the most democratic way possible. Why is that a problem? It's fair

  6. don't look small at there decision they still control another country/nation and tricked the world to believe else wise. uk is the only place you have no knowledge of. but is the one place where all knowledge comes out of. discrimination/ diversity/ divergent. the people are OK its the over populated right that votes that matter. not equal bkuz if your mad you rich argue out your been stop including the ones that are already slaved by working crazy and then take the people they are friends with away. why is it that we are ran by people that have don't really needed with other countries but shows us they do all the time. I bet u K products are still in those countries vise versa. help us become one not become segregated. if you want to do right show the world love between all not a sense of power. we don't like hitlar. (the people). but science does. who is science?

  7. 100crawma says:

    the crimminals in Brussles are in a panic, good they should be worried

  8. 100crawma says:

    the  filth in Brussles are so-sad, no  more millions  upon millions  of  pounds sterling  for Queen  Merkel to hand  over to her new  muslim houseguests

  9. John Doe says:

    Now Scotland and Ireland will leave uk will just be Britain lol idiots

  10. Leaving the EU is the biggest cock-up since the governor of Pompeii said "Let's build the city here".

  11. Zerg121 says:

    "Party of European Socialists".

  12. domduvalier says:

    Leave UK! My congrat to the British people.

  13. That last shot was beautifully symbolic.

  14. Yes the socialist at 1:06 is butthurt. No more UK wealth redistribution for you, commie fuckface.

  15. The English invade 90% of the world, yet they're shouting for freedom

  16. so happy for England

  17. Slender Man says:

    The UK are going to get into a steep recession

  18. the eu can fuck off the scots can fuck off and n ireland can fuck off , we will just take the ENGLISH funding back from them, good luck scotland with your new 50% tax rate

  19. Is the European union democracy ?

  20. Gus Cuban says:

    what is the EE UU good for?

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