EVE Online – World War 3


Fusion Enterprises LTD of Morsus Mihi and The Northern Coalition invaded the drone lands. Resulting in one of the largest battle in EVE history. This is footage …


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  1. NeogiTek says:

    @Free1151 I couldn't handle more then 17 hours, but it was over 24hour battle.

  2. Free1151 says:

    @NeogiTek Wow….wish I had the time to have an Eve online account but I dont like pay to play games……but something tells me we will be doing a lot of battles for you guys when Dust 514 comes out

  3. Free1151 says:

    @Savantix Yep…he is way better at that then being president LOL jk =P

  4. dacke93 says:

    For someone deaf it's a bad quality

  5. bovb902 says:

    I remember this i stayed out of the fight

  6. Darkphoenx says:

    i like the time banana

  7. wolf wing says:

    how many players?

  8. Spacebuz says:

    Yeah true, This was the largest PVP battle in any MMO. Local was hitting over 3110 at points.

  9. Exodus642 says:

    Holy crap, it's amazing to think that behind every ship is a person… goddamn

  10. Spacebuz says:

    It hit +3100 at a point.

  11. braksis says:

    you really didnt think about the name of this vid did you ? lol, world war 3 ????

  12. Spacebuz says:

    Well the music is WW3.

  13. NeogiTek says:

    plus our campaign was called world war 3, so yea, in your face!

  14. lepurten says:

    gz, you took out a POS

  15. MrMedotaku says:

    Lots of orbiting and clicking "attack"?

  16. Brett Jordan says:

    Almost makes me want to go back the lifestyle that is EVE Online… It's not a game, it's a lifestyle!

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