Even Tony Robbins Warns Of Coming Disaster – Video


Tony Robbins, renowned success coach and motivational speaker shares an insight from some of the influential people he works with and why he believes a complete breakdown is underway.



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  1. Abaddon says:

    This guy was about as helpful as asking a leper for a cure for spots. What was he talking about? The reality is the GLOBAL system is bankrupt, it is very close to total collapse. When it goes, wars will break out everywhere, within nations and between nations.It will be the survival of the prepared, money and gold will be of no use, being stocked up with food, a means to defend yourselves, organised with close family members and friends, that is if you survive nuclear fallout, chemical, and biological dangers. There will not be many left. The BUBBLE that is coming is going to kill the vast majority of people on the planet, and he is talking crap when a world is suffering one financial crisis after another, racial tensions increasing everywhere,raging unemployment in many countries, nation after nation going into bankruptcy, a crime epidemic, global drug wars, world wide terrorism, with nuclear war very close, etc, etc, etc. ONE international incident can change the whole world overnight, and we all know that, and it is coming to a street near us all very soon. Your money or your life, the monetary system is gone, it is a system built on PAPER, what a foundation, no wonder it is collapsing. You better start building something more substantial for you and your family.

    • Alexander says:

      Abadonn puts it well by stating that Tony Robbins is about as helpful as asking a leper for a cure for spots.
      Robbins reminds me of the character, Chauncey Gardner in the movie ‘Being There’, you can read whatever you wish into his vague statements.
      The United States and European economies are lying in shambles due to high unemployment, and the reason for the high unemployment is our industrial bases have been stripped and shipped, first to Japan, then Taiwan and Hong Kong which was in reality only a cover for Communist China; the Hong Kong cloak has since been thrown off, and now things are wide open for exports from China’s slave like factories paying thirty cents an hour.
      When nations divest themselves of the ability to manufacture, they must shrivel and die.
      The next industry to be shipped overseas will be the Aircraft Industry.

      The wealth of any nation lies in its ability to manufacture.

      During the 1950s the United States was the envy of the World, it was the land of little millionaires with an abundance of employment at every level.
      Today the United States is standing with a begging bowl mooching the spare change from Japan, China. and even once impoverished India.
      The greatest transfer of wealth in all of human history has taken place in less than a single generation leading us to destruction.
      Of course it makes no difference to the international bankers where the wealth is centered, it will ALWAYS belong to them.

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