Evening Heavies at London Heathrow Airport | 31/07/14



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  1. Rich cove says:

    Great video. A380 still impressive! Do you ever get asked to move on? I would love to Heathrow and film planes. I have do it at Southampton and the security  people are a pain in the ass….

  2. great takeoff views, the Virgin 346 and Air China 777 particularly.

  3. HeathroWings says:

    When does the Singapore Airlines 747 visit?

  4. HeathroWings says:

    When does the Kalitta Air visit also?

  5. Always know I am going to see something special ,from Matt, you never fail to disappoint, another great show, Thanks 

  6. george costa says:

    Liked the crescent moon on some of the take-offs. Very cool.

  7. SKBenergy says:

    British Airways run this town 🙂 Awesome video !!!!!!

  8. FERMIN B F says:

    excellent vid rachaelmatt!!. what type of cam do you use…. a simple one??? 

  9. Where was that plane spotting area because I'm going plane spotting there on Saturday and i really want to know where to go

  10. Do you know any good places for plane spotting there

  11. KLM Fokker 100? :P

  12. As usual, your videos are the best out there! (Siona from Canada)

  13. jun chen says:

    What camera did u use

  14. james bruce says:

    nice , ethiopian and cathay pacific my favorite

  15. Jack King says:

    This is amazing, also this is the night before I flew from London Heathrow , I flew on the 1st august from LHR-MIA on AA57, Then another american airlines flight from MIA to Providenciales!

  16. That's an amazing camera you have. Can we know what it is?

  17. Tom Johnson says:

    A BA 747-400 in that livery still has to be one of the most beautiful and purposeful-looking machines ever made.

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