Everyone Is Preparing For War Except Clueless American Sheep

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Susan Duclos

The war drums are beating louder and louder every day now with the mainstream media pushing a set, orchestrated storyline, which comes down to  four words they are drumming into the minds of Americans….. RUSSIA IS TO BLAME!

The world is preparing for a world war  as evidenced with news that civilians in Poland, such as doctors, shopkeepers, lawmakers and others are receiving military training to prepare for an “invasion”  by Russia.

Everyone Is Preparing For War Except Clueless American Sheep

Accusations are flying from Washington that Russia hacked into the White House computer systems, NORAD is reportedly claiming that Russia is sending a “message” with their long-range bomber fleets.

Those are just a tiny sample of recent headlines all geared toward telling Americans that Russia is the bad guy, so they are to blame when war breaks out.

There are pockets of the media that are showing the truth and they deserve kudos for doing so, such as International Business Times, which reports that it isn’t Russia pushing this world war, but NATO, the west, led by the US, who are poking at Russia and inciting war, so when they retaliate the west can claim they were the aggressors.

Stroking fears in Russia that NATO will attack its citizens is not in anyone’s interest, Finland’s Foreign Minister Erki Tuomioja said Tuesday. He warned that beefing up NATO’s military presence at the Russian-Finnish border was not a good idea because it could prompt Russia to retaliate.

“The border between Finland and Russia is one of the most stable and calm in the world, there are no problems there. Russia thinks the same. And there are no reasons for Russia to want any problems there [in the border area]. However, NATO’s presence at this border may have such effect. I personally do not think that NATO plans to attack [Russia], but such an opinion exists in Russia, and we should take it into account. We don’t want any difficulties,” Tuomioja said.

NORAD is correct, Russia is sending a message, and it is being heard by the US military, but not the American people…. the message is clear, if Russia is pushed into all-out war, they will make sure it is felt on US soil…. yet Americans watch the headlines which are telling them to ignore the reality of a potential active war in America.

Stefan Stanford at ANP recently pointed out that Russia is “going hot” as the buildup to WW3 continues, with a massive new military drill with over 20,000 troops involved using over 7,000 ‘units’ of weapons, that will also consist of more than 4,000 military exercises across the country in 2015. (READ THAT HERE)

The LA Times recently ran an article which manages to mix some cold hard truth with very deliberate outright lies, where we see that “U.S. F-22 fighter jets scrambled about 10 times last year — twice as often as in 2013 — to monitor and photograph Russian Tu-95 “Bear” bombers and MiG-31 fighter jets that flew over the Bering Sea without communicating with U.S. air controllers or turning on radio transponders, which emit identifying signals.”

They continue to provide this disturbing trend with more figures, such as “In all, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization says its jets scrambled to monitor Russian warplanes around Europe more than 100 times last year, about three times as many as in 2013.”

Then we get to the untruths, the deliberate distortion of reality to keep Americans cluesless with one simple statement by Air Force Col. Frank Flores, who states “They’re obviously messaging us. We still don’t know their intent.”

Really? Either Flores is blind, deaf and dumb, or he thinks the American people are….. the “intent” is they are preparing for war… the message is they will bring it to us if we continue to push for it.

Those that read Alternative Media understand there is a good chance that Russia already has container missile systems that have been distributed inside the US. We also know that Russia is seeding military trained people inside of the US as reported by Breitbart Texas, who obtained leaked information “on the Iraqi man who was apprehended while illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into Texas on February 12, 2015.”

The Border Patrol agent responsible for interviewing the subject initially expressed concerns that the Iraqi was sent by Russia, largely due to the Iraqi man’s history as a military trainer, his speaking several languages, including Russian, and his having lived in Crimea, according to one of the leaked documents. Breitbart Texas was provided with two documents by a federal agent who works under the umbrella of Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The agent insisted on remaining anonymous.


Revisiting the Fox News article linked above, we know Poland is preparing their civilian population for possible war. We also know that Russia never stopped building their underground bunkers, and over the last few years have built thousands of emergency bomb shelters for their citizens. We know, as of this morning’s ANP report that NORAD is also moving equipment to “to the cold-war era Cheyenne Mountain bunker.”

We have seen ample evidence to lead us to believe that the US “elite” have “doomsday lairs” and command centers set up, fully stocked and ready for a major catastrophe.

Who is missing?

The American people…. no one has prepared them for war on US soil, which brings us back to our headline “Everyone is preparing for war except the clueless American sheep.”


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  1. Ed Butt May 29, 2015 at 4:17 am - Reply

    Clueless America not preparing for war? Clueless America and its clueless president also think they are winning against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

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