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Primark /Primark Haul / Primark shoplog / Penneys haul November 2015 I use Quidco to save money on all of my online shopping http://bit.ly/1S9fM5r Music …


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  1. me encanta buestra ropa muchísimo pero ai pocas tallas grandes

  2. Hans Franz says:

    Nice stuff. Thx for your work.

  3. sharon xxx says:

    wich primark you go? netherland, german?? scotland?

  4. Carmen Grao says:

    Gracias por el video. Me encantan vuestros productos ,pero despues no encuentro muchos de ellos en las tiendas de Barcelona .Espero que pongais mas productos en tallas grandes y pre-mamá .Hasta el próximo video.

  5. Perry 1420 says:

    It would be helpful if you write the prices

  6. Perry 1420 says:

    But still thank you for your help ??

  7. Kiki :* says:

    it would be nice to see the new accesoirs better? i love your videos thank you

  8. Good video but music was awful

  9. olivia fox says:

    The bambi grey jumper did you know how much it costed?

  10. can you make a video with christmas gifts..?thank you..your videos are great..!

  11. svetmakeup says:

    wish there was a primark in my country ?

  12. anais anna says:

    is there primark in Algeria???❤❤

  13. Mario Orth says:

    so wery wery pretty

  14. Ivana Beauty says:

    die achtergrond muziek jesssus

  15. kaina ali says:

    people makes fun of primark and it's products. people say's primark sells tacky quality clothes,shoes etc. BUT it is the most busiest store then any other high street retail stores. and that is a fact!! whenever i pop into primark it is packed with customers and long queue at the checkout. lol people are hypocritic

  16. kaina ali says:

    i like shopping at primark. i think they sells nice jewelleries, underwear

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