Evidence That Chemtrail Tankers Spray Engineered Biological Weapons


Environmental Terrorism

In January, 2012, Chemtrails Researcher, Cliff Carnicom announced a method for neutralizing the superbug thought to be responsible for the Morgellons Syndrome – a systemic disease that manifests mostly as a skin disorder in some who have been infested with the self-replicating biological weapon:

“A viable and tangible strategy to disrupt the growth process of the Morgellons condition, as it exists within the culture form that has been developed, has been established.  This strategy involves the breakdown of certain chemical bonds within an identified proteinaceous complex in a manner that is not harmful to the human body.  The reduction strategy also includes the release of iron that is held within the proteinacous complex in a chelated form. 

This strategy has been established with confidence and a repetition of results.  The current work will be applied next directly to oral human samples.  Much time, energy and resouces will be required to further investigate, verify and apply this strategy. The preliminary results and the theories are promising at this stage.” –  C. Carnicom


Superbug learns how to “change it’s mind” in response to a magnetic field

Quorum Sensing:

Quorum sensing is a system of stimulus and response correlated to population density. Many species of bacteria use quorum sensing to coordinate gene expression according to the density of their local population. In similar fashion, some social insects use quorum sensing to determine where to nest.

In addition to its function in biological systems, quorum sensing has several useful applications for computing and robotics.



Electromagnetic (EMF) influnce of our aerosolized atmosphere is apparent when these artificial clouds appear to be modulated by an invisible source of radio frequency energy. They’re Frequently referred to as “Thumbprint clouds as they appear to resemble “fingerprints” in the sky.

Thumbprint clouds are a result of powerful radio frequency emissions reacting wth the semi-conductor properties of Aluminum and Barium.

Thease semi-conductive aersols form a plasma layer that is electrically prone to manifest the observed thumbprint cloud behavior when energized by a powerful EMF fied.

Chemtrails and Thumbprint Clouds As Food for Superbugs?

In fiction, the Frankenstein monster was created in a lightening storm.

In Reality, Cliff Carnicaom tells us the bio-engineered superbugs likely respond to EMF by virtue of the demonstrated presence of iron and ferromagnetic compounds within the growth forms.

The Carnicom Institute is making progress in a method that will neutralize the superbug’s designed intent to undermine critical biological systems within the human body.

Carnicom’s research has determined the important need for funding to pursue focused and sophisticated research.

NOTE: Jet aircraft pilots, crew and contractors who participate in the chemtrails and aerosol dumps have probably been told they are helping to mitigate the effectes of Global Warming and climate change.

A new report suggests pilots – skeptical of Global Warming science – have been told that metallic aerosols are protecting people, crops and the planet from dangerous radiation from the sun.

This compartmentalized mission mentality allows good people to do bad things when they don’t understand the full consequences of their mission.

We ask these pilots, crew and contractors and jet fuel suppliers to step forward to inform the public as to what they have been told is their mission.

The growing body of knowledge about the Chemtrail operations is revealing more sinister motives every day.

Pilots and contractors who once believed they were immune from the consequences of a covert chemtrail operation will come to realize they are placing dangerous compounds and biological hazards into the atmosphere that will eventually infect their bodies and expose their own families to an insidious danger.


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