Ex Chinese soldier reveals his self driving “Japanese World War II Rickshaw”


A cart drawn by a robot dressed in a Japanese World War II soldier’s uniform attracted a lot of attention in Luoyang, China on Saturday, as the mustachioed …


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  1. Tu Nguyen says:

    Bioshock Infinite

  2. Link Knight says:

    having ALSO fought against the japanese in WW2, this would have been my grandfathers favourite chinese invention.

  3. shaan sarvar says:

    something of this sort should be made by Uighurs with Mao pulling this shit

  4. What about corners?

  5. Chinks cannot move on from the past, this is pathetic.

  6. Had z says:

    Maybe put some subtitles on this thing

  7. Morbius1963 says:

    Silly and provocative. Take it down.

  8. cromeaxe says:

    This is genius

  9. Japanese soldier with a white face…I think the symbolism here is lost on most.

  10. this is kinda racist

  11. Later that day the thing broke down and caught on fire due to cheap Chinese materials and labor. Japan wins again.

  12. this guy has no life. he must be really bored.

  13. Chris Peters says:

    We cant forget the horrors of Japans ww2

  14. Heart Games says:

    just wait for the horror movie deal with hollywood, instant hit.

  15. Akira Kayami says:


  16. Akira Kayami says:


  17. add the jordans on that robot LOL XD

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