EX-CIA INTERVIEW – Illuminati Bunkers, Alien Tech And More ! – PART 3


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Are Reptilians True ? Do Reptilians Exist In Our Federal government ? Who is our govt ? Wherever is the major illuminati bunker ? What are they doing underneath these illuminati bunkers ? What is actually The True Reason Behind the UFO Syria Assaults ? Is There an Alien War Goin on ?

Steven was born and elevated in southern California. He commenced a profession in the precision electro optics discipline in the course of the advent of the laser. He rose from optics production technician to supervisor of quality command, engineering, and production command. During this time, Steven was advancing the condition of the art of semi conductors, military services systems, and enormous optics. Soon after leaving to start out his have corporation, S.K.Industries, became involved with CIA working in help of Iraq vs. Iran. Sometime later, the recently formed corporation gained a agreement to construct strong-condition lasers for what would convert out to be an NSA procedure run by Ollie North. It was a outcome of that encounter that Steven became awake and started the approach of looking into the truth and obtaining on the route to enlightenment.

Soon after a slipping out with the Ollie North gang, Steven became involved with the individuals working with Billy Meier and his get in touch with with Pleadians. The purpose of this was for technological perception into info and elements furnished to Billy Meier by Semjase. Steven was uncovered at that time to every thing about Reptoids, Greys, and even factions in just the Pleadians. Steven started looking into the attributes of fantastic silver and the use of this product in the creating of beamships. The association with Billy Meier and the function with fantastic silver induced an instant response that set Steven and his relatives and mates, underneath hefty scrutiny by many alphabet teams.

Soon after expanding the semiconductor laser market in the U.S.A., S.K.Industries would introduce the Regulation-17 laser aiming technique, which would revolutionize laser aiming for weapons. Steven became sought soon after by several nations for info on this technological know-how. The outcome was the encounter of dealing with the Intelligence agencies from all around the Environment. During this time, there was an attempt to entice Steven on to Location fifty one, which was rejected for the reason that of far too much prior understanding.

Reluctantly, there were at some point dealings with Templar’s and Bilderbergers who were identified as Cavers for the reason that of their deep underground bunkers that they operated out of. Steven was questioned to invent a weapon for use in opposition to aliens. It quickly became noticeable that only the human psychic skill would function where any person made gadget would be defeated. This started a whole shift from concentrating on technological know-how to a lifetime focused to increasing psychic skill.

Soon after dwelling in and observing the dim aspect, Steven entered the metaphysical community and the like and light group. Steven figured out that the key to lifetime is to provide some others and that it is improved to aid the victims of evil than to battle the dim aspect and come to be a software of it. Just one of the last assignments of S.K.Industries was working with a University to develop propulsion able UV laser light from fantastic silver, this was not the first exposure to UFO propulsion approaches. Steven also is working to invent a zero issue energy gadget.

Steven started therapeutic and understanding to move energy and has come to be a Reiki master. Steven enjoys lecturing about every thing from Tesla, Reich, and Schauberger, Metaphysics, Quantum physics, and aliens. The scientific qualifications offers the mechanical knowledge of the workings of the energies we use in Reiki and other psychic endeavors.

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