Exclusive pictures of some terrorists killed and caught during Swat Operation


by BrassTacks

Dead Terrorists killed in the valleys of Swat —

They lived like terrorists, died like rats. These scum of the earth used pure and pristine ideology Islam to wage a war against Pak Sarzameen.

CagedĀ  rats. Working for Indians and Israelis, these traitors, agents and criminals have now been nailed, alhamdolillah .

Hell for them in dunya and what they will face in Akhira would be worse. Anyone waging a war against “Madina e Sani” will be crushed and decimated, INSHALLAH. Pakistan Zindabaad !!!

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  1. yasar hasrat says:

    i think its a successful operation against taliban in swat. we all pakistani love swat for its natural beauty. this people are the enemy of pakistan and the enemy of islam.

  2. Shafique says:

    These are not real taliban. Real taliban are fighting in Afghanistan. These are indian dogs who are just fighting for few rupees. They lived like terrorists and died like dogs. Animals are eating their bodies on the banks of swat river. They will go to hell. And these dogs deserved the treatment that they deserved. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN AND PAKISTAN ARMY.

  3. Its all indian funded drama.

  4. daniyal says:

    The US has been discouraged, by all those who have previously been beaten by the Pashtuns, from starting a war with the pashtuns. But the Zionists globalists have (or think they have) thought up a brand new strategy for defeating these hardheaded stubborn war-like race. They have now learnt that fighting them directly was the mistake of the British and the Soviets. But the Amricans will not do that instead they created a fake group who would actually represent Islam-a religion reverd by the Pashtuns- but instead of serving that religion or strengthening it in any manner they would commit all kinds of atocities in the name of Islam. It would also discredit Jihad, the bane of all the conquering armies passing through this part of the world. Plus it would make the whole scale massacre-thanks to hightech US toys-of Pashtuns acceptable to the world in general but the Americans in particular.

    This group that openly and proudly lay claims to the murder of innocent civilians and destruction of holy places is fake through and through.

    For one, if there was truly an anti-american movement in NWFP then they would call themselves mujahideen, because they would be fighting non-muslims in a jihad. But that is not viable to the Americans. The Talibaan label has been worked up nicely to identify them as evil villians so it would not be in thier interest to reinvent another label.

    second, these people are certainly NOT Pashtuns nor muslims. No Pastun would bomb schools and villages inside their territory and kill their own kin-being a tribal people they have kin in every city and village. No muslims and certainly NO talib would EVER bomb a mosque. A mosque to a muslim is a place of refuge, it is forbidden to argue or fight in a mosque-murdering your sworn enemy is forbidden in a mosque so the
    murder of innocents is plain out of the question for a muslim.
    if your enemy takes refuge in a mosque be he muslim or not he cannot be touched and one just have to wait for him to leave the mosque but obviously CIA/Mossad/Raw does not know this. These people do not only bomb mosques but make it a point to bomb it on fridays when its full. They bombed the Marriot when it was time for Iftari so that even the western media was trying to sell the ‘talibaan were targeting foreigners’ most of the dead were muslims.

    Third- these fake Talibaan are not supported by the people, that is why they go about wantonly bombing and killing people inside the very land for whichthey claim they are fighting. They not only bomb schools but openly threaten to slit female students if they attend school. Such remarks are guaranteed to discourage local support but these fakes don’t need local support-after all they have the CIA/Mossad/Raw to provide for their needs. Yes the fakes need recruits -for that the USA has taken a unique strategy. Drone bomb the villages, mostly to kill their leaders-then the fake talibaan move in to recruit the grieved and frustrated youth with promises of revenge against the people who do it (USA) or who support it(Pak army) and then work up their anger and frustration to prepare them for
    suicide missions. Missions that never end up hitting the recruits enemies but instead they target those that oppose the US. And unknowingly the recruits serves the purpose of those he meant to destroy. Naivete of a backward farmers against the highly sophisticated plots of the zionists-there is no competition.

    Fourth their targets, like I said. The targets of talibaan suicide missions are busy market places, hospitals or mosques. Knowing real talibs I’d wager that if they had the power of these fake talibs I can promise you that they’d not spare the brothels, cinama houses, liquor shop or pornography outlets that operate so arrogantly in the cities but in truth these traders aren’t even a bit afraid of these radical extremists. The only people who are afraid are imams, journalists and ordinary citizens. And
    by journalist I don’t mean the ones that rant against them all day but the ones who are actually pro-islam and see through this sham. Foreign journalists too are targeted, the last thing that zionists want is foreign journalists who may see the situation for himself and put two and two together. The bomb in Peshawar was to discourage foriegners from coming to the area where they might get in touch with locals and whose stories would probably not match those of the official Zio line.

    Fifth Suicide is a big sin in Islam-we are asked as muslims not to even attend the funeral of a person who has taken his/her own life. suicide bombings of other innocents may they be muslim or not is a straight road to hell. Suicide is and has been fairly uncommon in our culture. Then the USA invades and suddenly its the craze in US occupied countries-Saudi, Afghansitan, Iraq, indonesia-everywhere that CIA/Mossad have a free hand. Yet no Suicide bombs in places like Iran, Syria or Malaysia?

    Sixth-Any rebeling force has some reason for which to fight. The Talibaan have made no such demands.

    They don’t demand a separate state nor more investment from the central govt, nor have they highlighted the plight of the Pashtuns of the area who live in utter poverty-Yes, they made a demand for the Sharia law and immediately broke the truce when that demand was accepted promptly by the Pakistani
    govt. Obviously the demand for Sharia was just an empty excuse. These people ARE not for the Sharia. And just to make sure that the local people do not take an actual fancy for Sharia they harass them with threat of death for shaving or wearing western clothes or other such trivial things. When truth shariah should be very appealing to these people because it promises justice and security to all, it strives to abolish crime and corruption and to uphold the dignity and honor of rich and poor equally. But not in this version of islam: this version calls for blood, blood, blood and more blood. But mostly the blood of muslims.

    Any one with a shred of islamic knowledge would know these are NOT muslims but that they are here to convince the world that Islam and especially the Pashtuns should be wiped off the face of the world and that it is the source of all unrest in the world.

    Seventh-It is claimed by the western media that the whole world is in danger from thsi group and Britishers were alerted to the fact that England was in grave danger due to the Talibaan and yet-and yet surprisingly the american supply line, which probably supplies the bombs for the drones that are rained down Talibaan country is allowed to function some minor hindrances here and there. The Quetta line is running smoothly without a hitch, even though Mulla Omar himself is suposed to be living there. I’m thinking if the Talibaan can threaten the US and Britain and is in a position to take over Islamabad then why can’t it stop this vital supply line? Unless they don’t want to, because it belongs to their masters and in effect is their own supply line.

    The defence forces, Intelligence, politicians and the media of Paksitan are controlled by the Zionist global cabal. The army and intelligence people who know the truth know that they cannot speak up-if they do they are assasinated and their death is blamed on the Talibaan-corrrection the Talibaan actually phone in to take responsibility: like a recent assasination of a imam in Karachi who spoke out and said that these terrorists were not real Talibaan.

    The fact that these supposedly semi-litrate folks can drive explosive laden trucks into the most secure areas of the country, bomb mosques inside army bases and get just about any where, screams of inside job. The only card that will allow you to do that in this occupied land is a CIA card. This is an occupied country by all accounts.

    And yes, it is strange that these drones cannot target Baitulla masud? Nor Mulla (no-family name no-tribe)Omar. Plus the media glaringly fails to focus on CIA plant Adam Ghadan who calls himself Azam Amriki. Shouldn’t he have been a household name like Bin Ladin and Zawairi, since by all accounts he’s given the most damning speech against Islam when he called for the murder of American (or was it western?) women and children. Something as unislamic as pork and liquor.Shouldn’t there be a price on his head? shouldn’t he be a household name, shouldn’t his picture be everywhere? Unless they (the zionists) want to protect him.

    I would like to see these agents caught and hanged in public. Though I very much doubt that will happen. If the Pakistan army catch and execute these people then that will be proof that this nation does excercise some freedom. Waiting to see. Allah protect the truth and expose the liars.

  5. Saqib says:

    it’s a realy good site to get reality basis information & news

  6. Rizwan Zakir says:

    Nasru Min Allah a Fathun Kareeb :: Insha Allah.

    Do your best what you Terrorists, Bloddy Extremists Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and shamefully ignorant Bastards from Pakistan……..

    You cannot put a bad image to Islam or people of Pakistan. Where ever we go in the world we gain people respect with our good attitude, hospitality, honesty and loving nature. That what Islam teaches us.

    Terrorists have no religion.

  7. Sohail says:

    Yes. Army has multi-faceted duties and one of them is to see that the countries moves along accepted islamic guidelines which are sine qua non for a country with 96% muslims (taking care of the other 4% as well). Bringing all concerned in the net, like ulema, intellectuals, educationists, mediamen etc, it is essential to spread the true message of the religion in correct perspective in all tiers of the army as well. For instance, we should not correlate the 1965 success of jawans because they had a good dose of desi mixtures like ‘meria dhol sipahiah’ and passing on credit to ‘mai nooro marhoom’. These unacceptable and wrong assertions spoil a culture to the extent that clear spirit vanishes from all tiers and ranks, even from the society. EACH AND EVERYONE OF US UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO AND SAY.

    Let us hope that we manage the menace and not allow the bad guys to deface this land of the pure.

  8. daffamedia says:

    I hope, peoples can stop kill each others. No terrorists, no racism, and no war for many reasons.

  9. Free-Speaker says:

    “Madina e Sani” ?
    not yet. there is no islamic state, no islamic govt, no islamic justice, nothing islamic at all.

    is the army going to establish islam after this war is over. i doubt it. the majority people are not educated and cultured enough to accept/want islam.

    if the army cannot announce that they have killed non muslim, non pakistanis, then arent they indirectly supporting the CIA game too?

    why are they fighting the war with only weapons and not psyops and media statements too?

    why not come out and openly say that CIA needs to stop supporting these people. one more crossover cia agent and we start direct support of afghan taliban to kick usa out faster.???? why cant they say this????

  10. Ayaz Ahmad Khan says:

    We all know about the fack taliban who are supported by india but why did not our govt. relesing these proves to our media and our media too is acting just a puppet. All the media anchors discussing about politcs and the parties.

    we have to do something now.

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