EXPOSED: Churches Accepting Bribe Money from Government To Deceive Attendees

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Churches Accepting Bribe Money from Government To Deceive Attendees. Mark Dice Expliansmore, please listen the below video.

According to Peter Kershaw, In Ceasar’s Grip “For a 501c3 church to openly speak out, or organize in opposition to, anything that the government declares ‘legal,’ even if it is immoral (e.g. abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriages, etc.), that church will jeopardize its tax exempt status.  The 501c3 has had a ‘chilling effect’ upon the free speech rights of the church.  LBJ was a shrewd and cunning politician who seemed to well-appreciate how easily many of the clergy would sell out.”

EXPOSED Churches Accepting Bribe Money from Government To Deceive Attendees

In Bob Jones University v. United States (461 U.S. 574), the U.S. Supreme Court noted the following about the government’s intended purpose for the 501c3: The Court asserts that an exempt organization must “demonstrably serve and be in harmony with the public interest,” must have a purpose that comports with “the common community conscience,” and must not act in a manner “affirmatively at odds with [the] declared position of the whole Government.”

Taken together, these passages suggest that the primary function of a tax-exempt organization is to act on behalf of the Government in carrying out governmentally approved policies. MORE HERE

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