EXPOSED: ‘Crisis Actor’ Leaks Footage of Training Orientation / Explaining Crisis Actors, and Why You Should Care (VIDEO)

truther July 4, 2015 0

In interesting video has recently surfaced, giving us an inside look at how crisis actors are used in Military training drills. The video documents a ‘Role-Player Orientation’, and features an unnamed man speaking to a large classroom filled with aspiring “actors”, who are given a detailed summary of what to expect for the upcoming training exercise.

EXPOSED Crisis Actor Leaks

For the actors, this will include being covered with fake blood and ‘gel effects’ and pretending to be injured or dead. He also describes the ‘plot’ or scenario in which the exercise will be based. In a nutshell,  a hurricane will cause a plane to crash into a Texas-based chemical facility, and the actors will play the part of victims, allowing emergency and military trainees an opportunity to react to such a situation.

Military preparedness training is not a new thing, and there is nothing inherently wrong with the use of crisis role-players to help in the training of emergency response workers. However, in light of the giant upcoming military exercise Jade Helm 15, in which military troops will be sent out nationwide to conduct training exercises amidst the general public, some people are concerned about the sudden ramp-up of this type of thing.


Considering the fragility of the current political and social climate in America,  perhaps there is good reason for concern. After all, there are multiple examples of America being attacked while training exercises with disturbingly similar scenarios were being simultaneously performed. (i.e. 9/11 – Boston Marathon bombings – Aurora shooting)

There is a darker element to this story. Many Americans are convinced that Crisis Actors have been used in recent years to help simulate ‘false flag’ terror events, and to a degree, evidence seems to support this notion. In some cases, media will interview somebody at the scene of a terrorist attack, and months later that same person (or their identical twin or doppleganger) will seemingly be interviewed as an eye-witness of some completely different event. Crisis actors have also shown up in supposed ‘real footage’ of violent events, but perhaps we are seeing staged footage – pay attention to the first video posted. If you choose to go down this rabbit-hole, the subject is well-explained on countless YouTube videos and alternative news sites.

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