Exposing Chemtrail Spraying in Los Angeles for 30 Days


Results of simple ‘Accu-Terrorist Forecast’ are in.

Bernie Suarez

What do you call it when an individual gets into a cockpit of a plane and obeys orders to spray toxic chemicals high in the sky on a daily basis? I call it the greatest crime of all time. One need only to believe ones own eyes, see the huge lines in the sky and do your own research to acknowledge why this argument is a strong argument to consider. We decided to do a little research and make available a simple chemtrails tracking webpage for tracking the globalist’s geoengineering crimes in Los Angeles for 30 (actually 31) days during the month of February- March 2013 and the results are in.

Exposing Chemtrail Spraying in Los Angeles for 30 Days

Accu-Terrorist Forecast Comparison

What can we learn from simple observations?

-We learned first that anyone can record their simple observations and these simple observations will usually tell a much greater story. We can state with a good degree of confidence that a longer observational study would yield more information about these spraying operations

-Forecasts were changed in some cases one or two days prior to the day to apparently match whatever atmospheric chemical manipulations were going on that week.

– The news networks that put out the weather predictions not once bothered to address the sprayed chemical trails that altered the weather. The overall mass media-government silence on the issue was the most concerning.

-Spraying occurred with no particular pattern with regard to days of the week.

-Random people vary in terms of knowledge and awareness of these ongoing crimes against humanity but the actual spraying didn’t seem to arouse any alarm in the general public regardless of amount of spraying. Conversely many in the general public are aware of these crimes but feel helpless to be able to do something about it.

-It was observed that the chemtrails terrorist pilots begin to spray all at once if and when working in teams; often either early in the morning or by 10-11AM. Once the first plane was seen to start spraying, then simultaneously other planes appeared at different parts of the sky flying at apparently the same altitudes also spraying in the same PATTERN as the other planes so as to create a parallel grid in the sky. The teamwork was clear and obvious every time.

-Conversely, when the chemtrails environmental terrorists took to the sky to do their assignment it was observed that all other planes in the sky (not involved in the parallel spraying) did NOT emit any contrails. In other words, at any given moment even though many planes are in the sky at one time (easily confirmed in flight tracking sites), only those one or two particular planes were seen spraying chemicals that alter the sky and the weather. Did someone not tell the other planes that they are supposed to be making contrails?

-Spraying was seen to coincide with abrupt temperature and weather changes, usually within a few days or sooner. For example, a long string of sunny warm days could be terminated with one massive day of spraying. Following the day of spraying, cooler, cloudy and sometimes rain will follow shortly.

What do you think?

Are YOU someone who has shut off the critical thinking portion of your brain and given in to Government Kool-Aid drinking conspiracy theorists who say that all the spraying is nothing more than contrails? Are you a blind believer in the ‘persistent contrails’ conspiracy claims made by paid government trolls and shills? Do you believe in the never before proven Government studies conducted in 2000 that was supposed to prove that normal planes can randomly emit a condensation trail that magically and inexplicably persists long enough to actually change the weather? Have you ever asked yourself why a government so deeply in debt would spend money to conduct an experiment to prove that persistent contrails are real when they could have use that money on other more important issues? Have you ever demanded to see the actual experiments that were done in these secret government studies? Do you know the difference between an ABSTRACT and an actual experimental study? Do you think that a claimed government Abstract IS the study itself?

Time to Reconsider

Ask yourself, have you been knowingly or unknowingly siding with the powerful dark globalist forces on this environmental terror issue? Take time to think on your own and join us in exposing these crimes. Exposing these crimes start with exposing those who want to defend the crime and that means anonymous bloggers who don’t want you to think on your own so they resort to CIA mind-control buzz words like “conspiracy theory”. Every time you hear that word it should draw a red flag in your mind to remind you that you are being manipulated by government propaganda mind control goons who need you to stay uninformed about the issue.

As alluded to earlier, this simple observational prospective study was intended to show that any small effort of tracking these environmental crimes can be productive and can be used as a tool to increase awareness of the issue. I firmly believe this is the greatest overall crime of all time and I hope that some day justice will be served. Until then please do what you can to protect and detoxify yourself from the ongoing exposure of metals we are subject to and do everything you can to expose these crimes by sharing this information, being pro-active and doing your own research.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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4 Responses

  1. Mertie says:

    The Knoxville, TN area has been getting chemtrails for many days. In the early morning the sky will be blue with not a cloud. By the early afternoon, the sky is fully of clouds (chemtrail clouds) and very hazy. We hardly ever see a deep blue sky anymore, just a light, hazy blue.

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Only 30 days?
    The gulf coast of Louisiana has been hammered for more than 365 days as recorded by private observations, Filming and photos.
    Not believing in Chenical trailing when there are hundreds of Patents applied and existing regarding the US Aerosol Spraying Program is about as stupid as believing “We are here from the Government and we are here to help.”
    If you are not awake by now you will be dead real soon.

  3. FRANK says:

    everyday for past 30yrs work & play outdoors,look up at the sky is part of it. A few yrs back, started asking ‘whats going on w/those jets’ the weathers hotter air denser upset that I can see carp spewing out of them spraying who knows what, we are not stupid, but no-one answers! ‘Oh thats contrails!’We r told! BS, few yrs back scraped off yellowish powder off hood of white truck. Sent it off to get tested, forgot about it till EPA guys showed up, (why do they carry guns?) what toxic was I doing? Making? But no-one would tell me anything, (they tried turning it around) then when asking them the test, what test? After a while I thought maybe it was nothing that happened its not !Funny everything just gets cloudier! They did use this stuff in Vietnam, to make it rain so the famous trail from the north would be muddy. Good ol boys that came back told me about this stuff, I knew a pilot that few the plane with chemicals he said it was Aluminum sulfate with ‘other’ stuff that was classified.
    on another note; have been educating design building outdoor living space for people to live in harmony with pollinators as we are destroying all of gods creature habitat, then here comes these giant airplanes spewing out this toxic measure to destroy life Aluminum sulfate mixed with other unknown particles is on plants, covering bee’s, birds, butterflies.

    • Katrina says:

      This is a giant holocaust against humanity in the name of cutting the numbers down, like cutting the spending. They do not need the gas chambers any more. Whoever owns the skies owns the roof of the chamber. Great majority of people are naive and very stupid. They would never believe it until they start dying like flies. I remember a story that during the WWII in a grocery shop some german women, apparently got chatting and one said that they were resettling the jews in a new town. The other one said, ‘no, silly, they are taken to camps to be gasse’ The other women loked at her as if she was crasy and nobody taled to her after that. That’s a problem people think that their daddy government cannnot do it to them. The US government is gone sceptic, awol, off the rocker. The is the last stage when we the people in all the satetlite countries as well as in the US are considered excesss numbers. Since the ancient days that we got organised in tribes and allowed a few strong ment to make dedisions for us about how to defent us and who to attack to safeguard our livelihood, we have allowed the guys forming the governments to take our earnings in taxes, take our sons to wars, even abduct them from the street to take them to the ships to serve the empires there was one sacresant agreement that ultimately the benefit would trickle down to us and all this was safeguiarding our existence and livelihood. This is all invalid now because no matter what happpens it is about the numbers. I am sure soon this will cause a mass indignation and uproar. The murderers won’t get away with this,

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