Exposing Satanism – Satanic Cults And Satanism Beliefs (Documentary)


In this Doomsday prophecy video, we are going to expose Satanism, Satanic cults and the Satanism beliefs. Learn everything you need to know about the occult …


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  1. John Maxwell says:

    My opinions are that evil is more effective when it's disguised; and satanists make really bad tattoo and graffiti artists.

  2. Randy Owen says:

    The scariest evil cults are the ones we don't know about, or know barely anything about. The Order of Nine Angles comes to mind… And they're in my area. :I

  3. Jeoffrey Key says:

    Stupid TV media bullshit. All of this crap made me want to buy more Ultra-Satanic Black Death Thrash Speed Metal band's albums, and let me tell you, I am still a dedicated metalhead maniac till this day. Religion is for imbeciles, and it drives people insane, worse than any drug.

  4. Mark Suarez says:

    Wow. It's D.A.R.E. for religion! With a huge Christian propaganda aspect. Very subjective point of view. The devil you DON'T KNOW is far scarier, and far more dangerous.

  5. John Kidd says:

    I wonder how many christians realize abortion is expressly forbidden in LaVeyan satanism. Can’t say the same for many christian denominations.

  6. Here me brothers and sisters of CHURCH OF SATAN Demons need additional help to you this mission is dangerous for your faith,loyalty to LORD SATAN but if you afraid and thrust with him he not allow you to fall in gods shepherd I am immune in his power that's why i am become fallen saint our true enemies the true mortal enemy of our lord Satan 100% SAINT is CHURCH OF GOD THE OLD PATH there leader Eli Soriano Our mission is to be close in them like a friend and try to push them in Judas path i am not suggested to kill them that is very dangerous because the count of saint begin thru there Death by fulfillment of there life thru Christ life copy and that why the time is shorting because god only want them to be completed there number in Hades and rescue by Christ in resurrection and also destroy this planet earth we need to work together in this mission and don't allow there Church operation spreading Worldwide to be glory Lord Lucifer.

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