Face the Truth – New World Order & Satanism 1/9 (VOSTFR)


A MUST SEE! Conspiritus – The UFO Alien Illuminati Deception ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp2e1DsMQsk Aliens Come From Hell (Blue Beam Project) …


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  1. Was that Mark Dice @ 3:15?

  2. The direct link between the satanist and the illuminati is the unholy trinity: Jacob Frank, Adam Weishaupt, A.M. Rothschild

  3. Shasha8674 says:

    The chip in pets may cause cancer. Medical information may not be correct..may have 20 errors in one doctor report and blood tests may not tell accurate information about thyroid/hormones/Celiac/Lyme/Vit B12/Vit A/Mg and more. It may not help with health information. They are bored?

  4. Lisa Doyle says:

    Prior to PizzaGate coming out, people would have, and did, scoff at those claiming satanic pedophiles were infiltrated into the elite. People, please wake up, if the elite is worshipping satan, they know there is a God, Jesus Christ, so please repent. Everything prophesied in the Bible is coming true. It is not hard to see the signs.

  5. M.D. says:

    wow!! I knew the technology was out there and that maybe a very few elites have chipped their own kids for safety but had no idea people would volunteer for it ?? wow , wow , wow … nobody will ever put one in me I can guarantee that , I cannot imagine volunteering for it

  6. Lisa Doyle says:

    The media information included in this video, comes from a time when not everyone in the media was a liar.

  7. Amy Pickford says:


  8. I never put chip into my body,if they force to do that im ready to die for Jesus Christ.

  9. WTF! Youtube has decreased the number of views of this video from 500 to 100 !

  10. Aren't we missing previous episodes?

  11. Noel Olsson says:

    Omg calculate i prefer this ujsult European

  12. Hello Jesus….we wait on YOU …

  13. Great video! Hillary for prison

  14. i hate that they keep saying these sacrifices are fake or mock humans… how the hell do they know they're not burning ACTUAL babies??

  15. JAY MIDDY says:

    The chip is coming and it won't be stopped. The chip is just the first step. As technology advances man will merge with machine. It's happening no matter what. I guarantee you that in order to explore and colonize the solar system and then the Stars man will have to have some kind of cyborg thing going on.

  16. JAY MIDDY says:

    I'm starting a secret club. I'm gonna flash my BALLS at people and tell them to fuck off!

  17. JAY MIDDY says:

    The Nazis went after and dismantled all secret societies in Germany when they took power in Germany. Before the Catholic Church was infiltrated and compromised it too was a defender of good against evil. The Popes of old were bulwarks against encroaching HORDES like the Islamic armies trying to invade and subjugate white Christian Europe. Western civilization has been taken over by Marxist Communist socialist anarchist fake liberal globalist Zionist CRIMINALS. They have LITERALLY dumbed down the population to the point of ludicrousness. Now that they have control over our government and industry and institutions and media and academia and religious institutions they are rewriting our history books and they are using the never ending HORDES of black and brown and yellow people to FLOOD into ALL white countries on the planet. Nobody notices that ONLY white countries have open doors immigration and the people have no say? They talk about over population but white Caucasians only make up 8% of the world's population. Down from 32% which is a third and normal. Whites are subsidizing their own GENOCIDE. There's a group no one dares call out lest you be ruined even murdered. You can Shout about whites and KKK and white supremacy and white privilege and you will be encouraged and funded and given a platform. If white supremacy was really real would that be happening? Who are you NOT allowed to speak against?

  18. There are days when I wonder (fear!) if The Rapture has already happened, and none of us qualified.

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