A raid on Taetan terribly traumatic and Ongjin airbases – I still see their faces at night . ACMI : http://www.krauselabs.net/dump/taetanCrazy.acmi TABLE …


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  1. Grey says:

    What a workout!  As always, thanks for providing an ACMI file.

  2. RedBravo65 says:

    What a flight, hell of  Korean SAM defense network.  What makes it even worse is that you and Darkfbr bailed out into one of the most shark infested waters in the world and were probably eaten alive.  War is hell.

  3. Cypher says:

    Great video, man I need to get back into my flight sims.  More of a DCS guy, but I do have BMS.

  4. That was insane. Further proof that the plan never survives first contact with the enemy. Great vid Krause.

  5. i would play the shit out of BMS but it has a shitty tutorial.

  6. Ostsol says:

    I played Falcon 3 back in the early 90s mostly as an arcade-like experience. I wasn't nearly good enough of a pilot to play it seriously. Even then, I gained some hard respect for the nightmare scenarios that SAMs than present.

  7. wang joe says:

    can you tell me where could i download this theater?

  8. That sa2 was amazing! RARE to see it and survive. 

  9. Spitzenhund says:

    Do you plan on buying/playing Combat Mission: Black Sea when it is released?

  10. 699backstab says:

    Krause that was some funny shit at the end man.

  11. Long live Falcon!  Great vid, thanks for posting.

  12. Aaron Anon says:

    Can I fly with you guys?

  13. qwasd0r says:

    That escalated hard

  14. What kind of damage did the MANPADS do? Does the post-mission tactical display indicate such things?

  15. Kevin Gamer says:

    How can I download this game

  16. After reading up on the AGM-45, I think you guys were also kinda lucky you got the performance out of it that you did. The real Shrike had to be specially configured for individual RADAR bands and you had to boresight the missile within a couple of degrees of the target to get a solid lock, to say nothing of the weak-ass warheads; you guys were able to use the HTS to target the sites, and you could do high-angle lofts as well.

    Speaking of, what's the time period of this campaign/mission? Because the HARM was available in '85, although the F-16 was operational in '78.

  17. what does IP mean?

  18. Long Live Falcon 4.0 !

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