Falconshield – This Is War 2: Piltover vs Zaun (Original LoL song *COLLAB*)


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  1. Robert Braun says:

    Vis part gets me going….

  2. Twitch's rap anyone?
    Also I'm sad that Ekko wasn't released in time for this rap

  3. Wild Gengar says:

    still my favorite one

  4. 9tails2knife says:

    ever wondered why everyone sounds like a gangster xD

  5. vi's part w and voice actor is the best

  6. lol i bet at least half of the views were made just for vi :D:D that is way too much for me… how perfect was that released

  7. KYakuzaD says:

    I'm disapointed ekko is not here, he would drop the sickest rimes (cause he's black lel)

  8. Anyone also cringed at ezreals part?

  9. NinJanna says:

    'and this doctor's not strange to regeneration'
    Is this Doctor Strange reference?

  10. xluludreamx3 says:

    I saw this video on the gamescom and loved it! …and I still do! :P

  11. I miss badmin … The worse impression at being twitch, but the sickest lines of the song in my eyes :"( !!!

  12. xWabbli says:

    Vi (Nicki Taylor) killed it. PURE PERRRRRRRRFECTION! <3

  13. ARandomOtaku says:

    This is still the best one by far

  14. I miss badminstrator :(((((

  15. BrokenKite says:

    As Twitch being my first and best adc I like this!

  16. Vi is just what I wanted.

  17. Fucking love Mundo's verse.

  18. that twitch voice tho

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