False flag? Charleston shooting happened during federal active shooter drill

truther June 25, 2015 0

The existence and use of false flag terrorism across the world has long been established.

From the Reichstag fire to the 9/11 terror attacks, alternative researchers and open-minded individuals have proven that rogue elements of various governments, including the United States, can and do engage in false flag terror.

False flag Charleston shooting happened during federal active shooter drill

One of the major signs that an event may be a false flag is the scheduling of some sort of realistic drill that just so happens to simulate what then ends up actually happening. On 9/11 this was apparent when numerous exercises simulating the hijacking of a commercial airliner were literally being conducted at the exact time as the attack itself.

Now, information has come to light proving that an active shooter drill was being conducted in Charleston, South Carolina on the same day that the mass shooting happened at a historic black church.

Both FBI agents as well as local law enforcement were in the middle of a preplanned five-day active shooter training exercise when, according to mainstream media reports, a white racist opened fire and killed 9 black church goers.

What does this mean?

The fact that an active shooter drill was happening at the same time as the Charleston, South Carolina shooting doesn’t in itself mean that the attack was a false flag but it does add a thick layer of suspicion onto the attack.

It is important to note that if this was a false flag it absolutely does not mean that no one was killed or that the attack wasn’t a horrific act of terrorism.

What it would mean is that the shooter either had help or was a straight up patsy and that the 9 people killed in the attack were killed not because one person was racist but because they were being used as pawns in an operation to further racial tension in America, in turn leading to a possible race war between poor white and poor blacks while the real elite sit back and enjoy the ensuing madness.

If this is true it becomes even more important to expose the true facts and get real justice for the victims families as well as reveal to the American people what is actually going on within the government.

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