Family Guy Warned Of The Boston Bombings, (Turban Cowboy) Aired On March 17, 2013 On Fox, Video


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Concerning the bombings at the Boston marathon. If you view the Family Guy episode ( Turban Cowboy) which was aired on March 17, 2013 on Fox, You will see a Boston marathon with people being killed, a library, terrorists and you will hear two explosions, bombs detonated via cell phone and see one explosion of a bridge from a bomb detonated via cell phone.

Family Guy Warned Of The Boston Bombings, (Turban Cowboy) Aired On March 17, 2013 On Fox, Video

Turban Cowboy” is the fifteenth episode of the eleventh season and the 203rd overall episode of the animated comedy series Family Guy. It aired on Fox in the United States on March 17, 2013, and is written by Artie Johann and Shawn Ries and directed by Joe Vaux.


Due to the events of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, two scenes were deleted from the episode:

One scene shows Peter killing participants of the Boston Marathon:

At 3 minutes, 33 seconds into the episode: As Peter is skydiving:

Peter: Holy crap, this is awesome! I haven’t felt a rush like this since I won that marathon!

Cue flashback: Peter is speeding his car, killing runners at a marathon

Cue news interview after marathon killing: Bob Costas: I’m Bob Costas, here with Boston Marathon winner Peter Griffin. Peter, how did you do it? (background image shows Peter smiling in his blood-drenched car, raising a clenched left fist as he crosses the finish line past many dead bodies) Peter: I’ll tell ya, Bob, I just got in my car and drove it. And when there was a guy in my way, I killed him.

A second scene shows Peter activating twin explosions:

At 15 minutes, 6 seconds into the episode Inside of a tavern:

Joe: Peter, I think you joined a terrorist sleeper cell.

Peter: What? That’s crazy. Look, I’m gonna call Mahmoud right now on this cell phone he gave me. He’ll tell ya.

(Peter dials phone) (An explosion sounds in the distance)

Peter: Damn phone’s busted. Maybe I dialed wrong.

(Peter dials again) (A second explosion sounds in the distance, multiple people are heard screaming)

There are a lot of strange coincidences surrounding the Boston Bombing. This family guy episode and the Boston police conducting bomb drills, Bomb spotters on the roofs, bomb snifing dogs at the finish line?


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  1. Harry says:

    Jusr download it at publicHd

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    here is another link to the episode

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    Of course it is no longer available, just another in your face Elite agenda event.

  4. phugemawl says:

    It didn’t take them long to remove the video clip, I watched it last night now it’s gone due to MGM Copyright ….. YEAH SURE !!!

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