Fan wearing ILLUMINATI shirt reaches into LeBron James* ILLUMINATI SPORTS EXPOSED*


Look at as a male wearing a Illuminati shirt who reaches into Lebron James ball restoration try at a Orlando ”MAGIC”/ Cleveland Cavaliers recreation will get national coverage for the
Also see all significant sport trophies connected to the Satanic Illuminati in this should see online video!!!

Here is my initial online video on exposing Lebron James and the occult!

Lebron James will come back to Cleveland and brings back the Satanic cult!!! Look at this online video and how expose this male they get in touch with the king!

Here are the shots and video clips on my website!

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35 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness , that' is true what you said , they need help from Jesus . They need Jesus

  2. John Patmos says:

    Keep it up bro, let those demon snakes burn in the Fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus Christ.

  3. Tom Phillips says:

    no your ppl corrupted the sacred knowledge to be evil CORRUPTED KNOWLEDGE

  4. Kian Hellie says:

    you are just PARANOID

  5. Dan Republic says:

    Is this vid made by Morty from rick and Morty??

  6. drew snacks says:

    Demons don't look like what you think you retard read the bible

  7. xPine treex says:

    Just Remember that God didnt give us the scripture to scare us, but God give us the scripture to prepare us..

  8. NO NO says:

    Freaking Christian radicals

  9. Jose Marcos says:

    illuminati is everywhere they add some demon shit on all logos to show they have power over eveything.

  10. I don't know why I constantly click on these videos lol. You don't think you reaching a little bit?

  11. ok yes there's an eye above the pyramid in the dollar bill, but what you don't realize is the Roman numerals on the bottom, with say 1776, now you may think, the USA was founded in 1776, yes and so the pyramid represents the beginning of a new government, the corner stone of our government, and the eye would most likely represent the all seeing eye of our government, or your conspiracy could be correct. I'm not saying that your conspiracies are wrong, but your looking at the obvious things, things that no one would notice on any of this stuff, but the truth underlies in things that we do notice, that we don't take into deep thought.

  12. Reckless says:


  13. this fucken guy needs to lay off the acid

  14. shut up man your going to hell man

  15. Red TwisT says:

    welp waste of my time

  16. Oh The letter A is illuminati bc the top half of the letter is a triangle!! OMG!! ????

  17. And that NBA championship trophy?! It's a net and a ball!!! ? Not a triangle and "the eye of Ra"??? You're forcing the similarities???

  18. That LeBron Smoke Thing was so dumb…. how does one control how the particles in the smoke and the things in the smoke land or develop in the air?? ????????

  19. Austin Dover says:

    this nigga serious I can explain the pyramid easily
    13 Colonies, 13 levels Understand? "What about the eye" Ever think of thats god eyes looking down upon the 13 colonies? just me? K.

  20. This guy is talking like Jesus and ra are opposites?. ..Their stories are the same

  21. the all seeing eye is a free mason sign not the illuminati you dumb ass

  22. Reggie Hart says:

    This dude is funny bruh. I wonder, if I wanted to be a professional athlete i'm somehow apart of the illuminati.

  23. Jesse Garcia says:

    i think this video is stupid tats a fake

  24. This nigga just a plain dumbfuck that's all :/. Honest truth

  25. This is fucking retarded

  26. yep all major sports are rigged. the elections are also rigged. false flags are rigged. the entire damn world is rigged. just say fuck it and do u! fuck the bums. even your so called "entertainment" is rigged . PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING!

  27. is this guy on drugs talkin bout "a demon manifests itself in the smoke" Bruh your trippin

  28. you are corrupted​ like a muthafucka

  29. dumb ass you dumb fuck

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