“Fate of the Titans & Aqir War” – World of Warcraft: Chronicle V1 Summary | Part 2/3


World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 1 Summary. In this part I cover the second and a part of the third chapter of the book. Part 1: …


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  1. This was amazing, loved it. Keep up the amazing job man, really appreciate it

  2. NexerdGamer says:

    Nice one Doron

  3. onyxmusic13 says:

    I actually like the changes they are making to the lore alot, but so far im liking everything. Keep up the great vids doron

  4. Xantog says:

    is it weird that im clutching my chronicles book in my hand while i watch this?

  5. RestoSexual says:

    Still waiting on my copy from Amazon

  6. man that was great vid you and hell are doing a great well done vids keep it up and gl

  7. ToshGosh says:

    Dear Doronsmovies, is there any lore behind the ruins of Kel'theril? I'm planning on using it as my birthplace in my backstory

  8. @doronmovies – 'slammed into the keeper' im confused by this, as in space ship slammed into them accidently, or on purpose?

  9. greast video as always :)

  10. They have set it up so that after legion the only thing we could possibly fight is sargeras, the old gods and the void lords themselves.

  11. BorderJump13 says:

    So Sargeras made the burning legion to protect the universe from the void lords, that makes him the most complex character out of the titans. Sargeras has similarities with Illidian where they label him as a betrayer for absorbing the skull of guldan in order to kill Tichondrius.

  12. nomad974 says:

    Ive been wondering what happened in Tirisfal for ever!

  13. Please, give me the name of the song at the end of your videos.

  14. Damn Odyn is an a$$. Kinda want to side with Helya in Legion now.

  15. Hello, what's the name of the ending music ? i really like it

  16. Could you do a Necromancer RP guide?

  17. So, it seems like a lot of early Azerothian history revolves around Ulduar, but what about the other Titan keepers during this time? Like the egyptian-inspired keepers in Uldum and so on.

  18. So loa=demigods=wild gods now?

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