Fake Terror: Emirates Flight 201 Escorted By Fighter Jets Into JFK Airport


Gregory White

In summation, here’s what we know:

Two packages were discovered, in Dubai and the UK, that were sent from Yemen. Those packages included explosive material, according to the President.

In response to that threat, the U.S. government stepped up surveillance on packages from Yemen coming to the U.S. That resulted in flights being stopped and checked today.

According to NBC’s Richard Engel, packages were bound from Yemen for Chicago synagogues that were intercepted. Those packages contained explosive materials.

It is believed that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula may be behind the threat.

The threat is, according to President Obama, “a credible terrorist threat.”

There are only two packages that have material of concern, according to the White House briefing. Those devices were meant to “do harm,” according to John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor.

Those packages being investigated earlier are being done so for precautionary reasons. They are being investigated because they emanate from Yemen.

4:22 PM ET: The President is now speaking.

He says two packages were discovered that did have explosive material in them. They were from Yemen and were discovered in Dubai and London.

The extra security today was based upon that threat, a follow up to yesterday’s discovery.

4:10 PM ET: All passengers on the flight have been safely offloaded. No word on the suspicious package.

3:50 PM ET: Packages are now being removed from Emirates Flight 201. Investigators will be looking for the package from Yemen that forced the alert and is connected to today’s earlier scare.

Passengers are also being taken off the plane.

3:35 PM ET: Emirates Flight 201 just landed.

The plane is now going to be isolated and investigated for the safety of its cargo.

3:29 PM ET: The AP is reporting a United Arab Emirates official says an “explosive device” was found on a cargo plan flying from Yemen to Dubai. (via @foxnews)

3:15 PM ET: You can listen to the JFK radio tower live here at liveatc.net >

3:02 PM ET: The military escort is a “precaution.” Two F-16s are following the flight to JFK, and have been since the Emirates flight entered U.S. airspace.

Emirates flight 201 is being escorted into JFK airport by U.S. fighter jets, according to CNBC.

The flight is expected to land at 3:30 PM ET. It emanates from Dubai.

The news is related to the earlier warnings about suspicious packages in UPS cargo flights to the U.S. and the UK. Those flights were quarantined, reviewed, and the packages were found to not be dangerous.

The packages are reported to be from Yemen. The UK has stopped all flights between the country and Yemen.

President Barack Obama will be making a statement on the status of the threat at 4:15 PM ET.

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  1. Mubashir says:

    Now let me get this straight…….

    According to the news a couple of parcels were intercepted having explosive devices in them. They were allegedly sent from Yemen to the US. Here is the interesting part: these were a couple of printers (with hidden explosives) addressed to a couple of synagogues!!!

    With Yemen’s reputation of being a base for extremists, how smart was that? They had a snow balls chance in hell.

    Sometimes, you wonder…..Are the extremists that stupid or those who break such news take the public being stupid?

  2. spsyed says:

    Fabricated and timely PNAC Mossad CIA planted fake terror alert to hijack 2010 American midterm elections. It was yet another attempt to fool voters and seven billions people around the world. It took worthless junk: a faulty old laser printer toner cartridge and a few dead old electronic circuit boards to pull off fake global news alert scam that would help create a pretext for more of the same. Who benefits from terrorism, irrational fears or scary plots or campaigns? Here is a short six year old documentary film “The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear” on the subjects/news http://www.youtube.com/v/VcFByLpXoZs

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