Fema Camp Coffins Investigated


Fema Camp Coffins Investigated


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  1. Aaron David says:

    They look like molding forms of some kind to me.

  2. these are for the people that will be left behind after God raptures us his children who believe in and love him and accept him…do not take that chip no matter what.its better to be beheaded and go to heaven then ever take that chip.we won't be here,we that believe will be with Christ already.

  3. mbalmr111 says:

    you people will believe anything…those are indeed grave liners…BUT they to cover a buried casket to prevent the grave from continually settling. it is placed over top of the casket inside the grave…then the earth placed on top. they are made of either plastic or fiberglass because it does not decompose….we have these in Canada as well…I own a funeral home and use these constantly….

  4. rico200168 says:

    I think that I have put things together and filled in the dots this may sound crazy to you all "NASA been saying for years there is no such thing as a 9th planet with its own sun" I have done Science and I know if you have a Solar system that comes through another one which is ours it would make things very bad for us all and I mean big many will die total shutdown of Society around the world mass panic last year America was doing martial law drills in some parts " now this thing can now be seen some guy even put a clip of two suns rising how can that be think about it when people start seeing this thing getting bigger wiser what do you think they will do go crazy martial law will come in force you all are armed they will shoot to kill the governments around the world know all about this and told you all nothing it's coming and it's going to pass us and go back out again but as it pass us it will cause destruction the leaders are all fucking cunts and don't give a shit about us they will be fine deep underground food water doctors nurses look it up and you all will come to the same conclusion as I have they are all cunts

  5. Ibn Muhammad says:

    How nice and respectful of them for giving each and every of their future victims a casket instead of much simpler mass graves.

  6. this was 8-9 years ago nothing has happened with these boxes so whats ur answer now

  7. I dobt get it. Men/man is/are evil. This shouls not be new

  8. they tried to debunk this, you must ask your self if these were coffin liners there is not that Manny people dying in America.

  9. austin lynn says:

    I have seen these things. I seen them in Tennessee



  11. PLEASE LOOKUP AND KEEP REPORTING ON WAL-MART CLOSINGS AND FEMA CAMPS ie concentration camps. They closed almost 300 last year 2016 and are constructing what appears to be camps. Wal-Mart is very key to all this and started for these purposes. The original founder specialized in camps and Podesta is the link behind them. We've given Wal-Mart over 100 billion but for what and we're in debt, that's ridiculous.
    Canada is enthralled in Sharia Law right now, Martial Law has already been enacted in some states that coincidental things are happening like NY, OK, TX, FL and Cal. ex: The police can pull you over and remove any items of value along with new devices to confiscate your bank and other holdings on the spot. They only need their own judgement of we thought you were going to commit a crime with these items including your cash. There is no due process of law and that is a huge violation of your constitutional rights, millions are being made and these are everyday citizens, not criminals.
    We are not years away, we should be panicking and doing something NOW. This is all part of their master plan to control and enslave while inflicting pain and attacking every essence of our humanity for praise and worship from their evil deities. We cannot afford to slumber anymore, we never could, children have been wondering why we haven't saved them..God help us, in Jesus name Amen

  12. Sid Vicious says:

    It amazes me how ignorant people can speculate on something they know NOTHING about. You folks need a reality check. Just like Russia controls the weather….

  13. it looks more like a bathtub to me


  14. Jean Omalanz says:

    These casket liners are an optional higher end funeral item that go OUTSIDE a coffin to protect it. They are common in the funeral business. One would never use such a luxury item for mass burials. This video is nonsense.

  15. You idiots ! I don't know what females or anything else has planned, but they are plastic vaults for caskets. I know because I used the exact thing for my mother's burial. The flat part goes in the grave first. Then the casket, and then the domed part goes on top and protects the casket from the dirt, It is shaped for strength so it doesn't collapse.

    But yup, if an engineered biotoxin gets out, they may very well be needed.

  16. keith holden says:

    Not for bury but or incineration and transportation to the incinerator.

  17. Carl Johnson says:

    these are grave liners. look it up on Snopes. those have been there a LONG time. used in areas where the water table is high to help protect caskets from water.

  18. Nancy Ruiz says:

    Lord Jesus have mercy on us humans, saves us from the satanic world

  19. Not amused says:

    dude, if this is true this is scary as hell

  20. Sweet! Now I don't have to buy a burial plot on a cemetery or worry about my funeral. Walmart and FEMA will take care of that. When can I board the FEMA bus? I really hope I have the honor of being on the black list.

  21. Mel Alex says:

    I think they meant grave liners… I don't know at this time if that is true or if what the Subject is saying is true, but it does put concern in my mind if it is .

  22. Mike Brophy says:

    LMAO! I remember seeing this years ago come on people this has been debunked for a loooong time now. They are exactly what the guy said in the video, casket liners. Do a simple Google sesrch.


  23. Jada Cole says:

    I seen this before, I KNEW THIS WAS REAL

  24. Jeff Kay says:

    Is it me or do these things look alot like our ready made microwave food containers… Alien food maybe!! lol

  25. James Holt says:

    they are going to start killing Christians and chothlics..

  26. Xjamie Lopez says:

    stackable caskets for freezers not for the ground

  27. You guys know that they are for peat moss right? That's what we use them for here.

  28. judy krager says:

    oh gee help the people on this page that are in denial, some of you need to wake up !

  29. lmao at the religious guy at the end wtf is with all those plants

  30. Those are the new VA grave liners cheaper than cement.

  31. Emily Shuler says:

    The "coffin liner" lines the area between the ground and the coffin.

  32. When the people demand martial law, like the lefts are now, they will become useful now!

  33. Tell me more says:

    Understandable !,, if the government planing for mass killing then they wont worry about putting the bodies in coffins,, they wont have time for that,, they wont be that decent to bury the victims properly,, they would use bulldozers and dig big holes and throw 100s of bodies in one hole…. I believe the mass killing plan is real,, these coffins are just some business,,,,

  34. fossilsol69 says:

    Republicans have no respect for the truth and will peddle any lie that fits their agenda. You can grabem by the pussy, Kenya born lie peddler and now hiring foreigners left and right while saying he wants to build a wall because he flies in his Mexicans.


  35. Winn Pelkey says:

    SO! Who will be around to put bodies in those coffins ??? GOD knows where everyone is buried !! Whether in the ground somewhere ! In the sea ,no matter where!!

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