Fight against Islamic State is World War 3 – Iraqi foreign minister


Iraqi Foreign Minister called the fight against the Islamic State ” third world war ” and warns that all the capitals of the world are in danger . Mana Rabiee reports .


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  1. zz bar says:

    ppl who live in the M.E know what obama refuse to understand.. radical islam is global threat . war with it – is a world war if u like it or not. and every mosque could become enemy headquarters any day.

  2. Vader Vaders says:

    Crush those ISIS guys already, gee wiz , we got asteroids next and then Aliens after that.
    One can't spend to long on sand rats. 

  3. Don Juan says:

    "Those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind"

    The invasion of Iraq was a crime wanton murder of Iraqi's for American bravado…God won't let it stand..hence world war 3. God is a just God and repays man to their face….the war in Iraq cheered by Americans in their living rooms in 2003 is now becoming a nightmare that they want removed from their same tv screens in their living room.

  4. hawkar S Y says:

    That's the Kurdish anty-terror forces .not Iraqi forces -_-

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