Fighting The BioToxins of the World Elite: Boosting the Immune System Through Cleansing, Eating Organic, Oxidative Therapy, and Lowering Stress


Christina Sarich

If we read the latest theories about chemtrails and their true nature, it sounds more like a conspiracy than the reality of what our world governments are doing to control the masses. No wonder GMO companies are being given the entire world like an Alfred Hitchcock playground to grow their frankenfoods in – these GMO foods will be the only substance that will still grow once our skies are sprayed with nanoparticles, and mood-altering substances, not to mention germ warfare and plasma creating atmosphere in which to stage large scale wars. Just thinking about it causes stress, which only helps to promote the agenda of the psychopaths running the world right now. Fortunately, we can fight back though, and it may be simpler than you think.

 Fighting The BioToxins of the World Elite Boosting the Immune System Through Cleansing, Eating Organic, Oxidative Therapy, and Lowering Stress

Start By Boosting the Immune System

There are already over 400 viruses that can affect the body, and that doesn’t include the strange bio-engineered crap they are pumping into our air, including bird-flu and H1N1. The British military has already admitted to using viruses like smallpox on people during the French and Indian wars by giving them blankets infected with the virus, so why wouldn’t they continue to use these practices on people they see as dissidents now? Anthrax was produced in mass on US soil in 1969. These are just the ‘confirmed’ facts that were leaked out many years later. Compared to the nanobiology that is being used now, these will look like small potatoes. We don’t have to sit idle, though, and wait for our governments to poison us.

Our body has its own Ft. Knox. It’s called the immune system. We can actually cleanse our bodies of all kinds of viruses naturally, even Herpes type II by utilizing good nutrition and a cleansing protocol. This also creates an environment in our bodies that make it very difficult for a virus to take hold and multiply.

Clean Out the Guck


Your immune system becomes compromised when your liver, gallbladder, intestinal tract, and gut flora become clogged an unbalanced. There are lots of ways to cleanse the body naturally so that these detoxifying organs can do what they were mean to do – which is expel harmful invaders. You can cleanse with organic foods, herbs like garlic, tumeric, and cilantro, salt-water, coffee enemas, dry-brushing and even hot and cold baths. Sweat lodges and dry heat saunas will help you clean the body through the skin. Shaolin clay baths are great for detoxing from heavy metals.


Bombard Your Cells With Nutrition


Take an organic spirulina and chlorella supplement. If you can get them as unaltered sources, that would be ideal, but most of us can’t farm algae so easily. Vegetable plankton is one of the most important substances on earth. Algae provides more than 70% of the world’s total oxygen – just think what it can do for your cells! In fact, the fundamental cause of all disease is a lack of oxygen.” Most pathogens will die on the spot if exposed to highly oxygenated cells. Even our bodies are composed of mostly water, which itself is almost purely oxygen.

This is made evident by the fact that the body is “composed mostly of water, which is eight-ninths oxygen,” and “only oxygen is in such a constant demand that it’s absence brings death in minutes. When we eat highly nutritive foods, i.e., things which are grown to make oxygen – leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, etc. then we help create an environment of high oxygen in the body. Most of us can’t eat enough organic vegetables and fruits to boost our oxygen levels high enough, so supplements can play a big role in making sure our cells stay energized with this important substance.

Oxidative Therapy (O2 Therapy)


There are also oxidative therapies that can help to support the cellular respiration of the body – a foundational requirement for good health. It takes many forms, and been shown to be a great hormone regulator, boost to the immune system and balancer of the nervous system.

Oxidative therapy is primarily utilized with therapeutic doses of hydrogen peroxide (which our bodies make on their own) and ozone. Oxidation therapy needs to be done by a seasoned practitioner, however, since the body must be kept in balance even when it is detoxing. This type of therapy also aids in the repair of cells, but as cells slough off waste, it must be eliminated from the body slowly so as not to induce a healing crisis. Oxidatvie therapies also make viruses like H1N1 or bird flu, as well as other foreign substances, less likely to breed in the body, since the environment a highly oxygenated body creates is not ideal for harmful viruses. Hostile organisms prefer lower oxygen levels in our cells to thrive. Other versions of increasing oxygen to the cells include ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in which you breathe pure oxygen instead of regular air which is usually only saturated to about 12% with oxygen.

These types of therapies are considered so effective that they can cure AIDS and cancer. They can increase poor circulation and even improve heart disease. They definitely reduce the effects of germ-warfare on the body. Until the barbaric practices of the traditional medical community (including many unnecessary surgeries, chemotherapies, and pharmaceutical drug administration) are deemed obsolete, as they should be, we can arm ourselves against their latest bio-weapons with some incredibly simple and effective practices.

The only reason these therapies aren’t reported to the general public is because they are so effective they would, indeed, render many other medical practices simply ridiculous. As Dr. Terry McGrath says, “there’s simply no economic incentive, since it’s an unpatentable process and provides for no real financial gain” to the medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Clean Out the Mind

Stress is one of the fastest and most effective ways to kill a healthy organic system. Stress affects every system of our bodies – the immune system becomes depleted under high levels of stress, the brain starts to make an entirely different chemical cocktail, namely one that supports depression and scattered thinking by creating more Coritsol and Adrenaline instead of hormones that cause more well being such as DMT, dopamine, melatonin, seratonin and numerous endorphins.

There are numerous ways we can reduce stress, and most of them are free. Meditation has proven to be so successful at reducing stress and even physical pain that it can even replace morphine as shown in recent Harvard Medical research. Taking a walk outdoors, spending time with people we love, laughing, doing something kind for someone else, and sitting in quiet contemplation while breathing deeply have all been very effective ways to reduce stress.

About the Author:

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian, and freelance writer. She encourages learning healthy practices, to stay vital mentally, physically, and spiritually, and just published a book titled Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body and Mind Through the Art of Yoga. Her blog is Yoga for the New World.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


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    As of my understanding plankton do produce a lot of oxygen but that’s during the process of photosynthesis. Wouldn’t the ideal world allow us to use the methods of this aticle above, but unfortunately me and you don’t have the money or know how to carry out these practices, TPTB rely on this and the fact that many people rely on their medical system and explore no further than what the doc tells them. I personally don’t go to the doctors, I have had health problems that I had to diagnose myself to the doctor, upon which the doctors prescriptions had no desired effect, in the end I gave up on the doctors and decided to look at nature, its where we come from and its helped us survive for between 125,000 and 200,000 years. Nature has nurtured us before, every element in our body is within the Earth and we need to obtain these and so nature has provided us with a cure for every aliment apart from the obvious genetic defects which are obtained before birth.
    That’s my theory, natural selection has brought us here and man is now playing God and doing away with natural selection, and man has dramatically increased extinction rate so what chance do we have.

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    and we would do all of this with hopes of??? gtfoh

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