First World War tech: Zeppelins


First World War tech: Zeppelins

When a German aristocrat Brigadier General Ferdinand Zeppelin retired from the army in 1891, he devoted himself to the study of aeronautics.

His proposals to the government for a lighter-than-air flying machine were rejected in 1894, but nevertheless he would invest all his money into a company producing airships.

By 1898 Zeppelin had constructed his first airship.

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28 Responses

  1. ITZ COMICAL says:

    it would have been easier if they had incendiary rounds back then

  2. CaptainQuirk says:

    wish you talked about the l30

  3. Jed Diaz says:

    Kirov Reporting

  4. Were any used in World War 2?

  5. eckra134 says:

    Please do a Russian empire army and soviet army videos!

  6. P3tronas says:

    I hate the zeppelin on operations….

  7. Still , Why the zeppelins is so hard to take control ? It just a balon , right ?

  8. boom boom boom boom dadadadadadadadadadadada boom

  9. killbot86 says:


  10. Yeah it wasn't until Zeppelin crashed many of his prototypes that the german militar actually bought them. At first they weren't interested. Also, zeppelins were pretty much worthless in war and pretty crap at bombing because of how fragile they were.

  11. Exo Deck says:

    is like balloon Right? 1 shot it fly away like baloon

  12. I shot them down in about ten times. Hype! Good video, btw!

  13. ciaran fay says:

    I wanna Whole Lotta Love

  14. Zigg says:

    I love these videos I wish I could sponsor them but I'm only a kid with no money

  15. SKeE_MiKe says:


  16. J Momma says:

    is it true that zeppelin was croatian innovation ?

  17. wood1155 says:

    You can't just put some holes in the gas bags and expect them to fall out of the sky. The had dozens of hydrogen filled gas bags so a few leaking was nothing. The British found you couldn't burn them easily with incendiary bullets because a burning bullet would extinguish after it enters a gas bag since there was no oxygen inside the bag just hydrogen. The technique to shooting them down was to cause a large enough hole in a bag to allow enough oxygen to enable a flame to spread and of course once the burning started then it was out of control very fast.

  18. Every time I see the word Zeppelin, I immediately think of Led Zeppelin

  19. SLAm mASTER says:

    First the zepelins attacked then when theyre shoot down explode…

  20. Jason Thomas says:

    this blimp was in battlefield 1

  21. Its funny how zeppelins were made before planes xD

  22. So impractical, yet badass.

  23. I just don't see how they worked, surely a few bullets in this thing and it would go down

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