Flat Earth, English Gematria and the New World Order


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22 Responses

  1. beautiful piece of work

  2. Joe Mama says:

    Much love to you my friend.

  3. hardfishskur says:

    So why is the earth flat Marty?

  4. Does it make sense to anyone else that God is the programmer amd gematria is his algorithm? I'm a firm believer of flat earth and the simulation theory which both lead me to the assumption of a creator. And the further I go down the rabbit hole I go the more affirmation I need that I'm not just grasping at strings and tying some narrative together.

  5. I just discovered your work today and I just want to say that I am greatly impressed by not only the production quality and clarity, but also even more impressed by the depth and breadth that you are able to span!!! Wow. Just wow. Great work!!! I view people like you as "world teachers" and experts at presenting THE most important information ever presented to humanity. Your true heritage as a soul must be very, very well… experienced!!!! So glad you are here on this plane – et. You and Santos Bonacci are my current fave presenters/teachers/thinkers out there.

  6. I'm watching Titanic and I think I'm the first one to see this…what other ship have you seen fro GB to NYC have encountered an iceberg?????? One on a flat earth would you find this!!!!

  7. SHON3Nknife says:

    great video, thumbs up

  8. SHON3Nknife says:

    Gods like, you're gonna die! if you eat from that tree, then they eat and. …. dun dun! don't die! lol

  9. Jon Jones says:

    Oh bollox I've found another Santos Bonacci.

    Truly I dig your work Marty , you really do some top class presentations , but I'm not having this flat earth shit , and the whole debate isnt worth anyone's energy. Even if FE was true , its just a 'Woods for the trees' distraction from the bigger picture. Fuck , I've already wasted too much time on this divide and conquer psi op.

    Each to our own. The glass is still half full with most of you flat heads , let's not let our disagreement spread beyond its relevance. That's the main point ! sigh

  10. how do we pilots manage to fly AROUND the planet and how do we SEE the curvature when high enough????

  11. cognitive explosion.
    bravo mr leeds.

  12. Jimmy Giant says:

    brilliant work. the first thing that will fall.. will be this internet fishing for people. will we all flap about on the deck

  13. Phat Urtha says:

    @33:10 I'm no devil-worshipping freemason, 'I'm just here to help'.
    @35:00 'the mythical Jesus'.

  14. Ok I get it. All I have to do is use part of a word, or a letter in a word, or the number of letters in a word, or pick which type of gematria to use. Picking and choosing that openly, I could easily associate potato chips to free masonry.

  15. sealie15 says:

    Is the English language a mathematical based language?

  16. I W says:

    great video. does anyone know the name of the movie at 39:24 ? With the devil falling off the earth.

  17. If you believe in the flat earth but don't believe in the creator then your simply creating more confusion, more deception. And using the number 33  the highest level of freemasonry the very people that shape our reality.

  18. Armagideon says:

    Water boils at 212 F, not 33 F

  19. Marty your work is absolutely,and incredibly enlightening and wonderfully uplifting continue the brilliant job your doing. Thank you.

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