Fluoride: Poison On Tap – Full Documentary


Is fluoride bad for you? Should you be concerned about sodium fluoride being in your water or toothpaste? Learn why Sweden, Norway, Austria, Finland, China …


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  1. I only buy natural toothpaste with no fluoride in it, and only drink alkaline water….

  2. Rick g says:

    It's not just toxic, it is a carcinogen that affects your cognitive skills. There are multiple reasons they fluoridate…..sick people keep hospitals in business, it is a slow cull of population keeping you alive long enough to farm you for your labor, it makes people easy to suggestion which commercial industry uses to their advantage etc….You ever wonder why you are told to use distilled water for your goldfish? Cause fish die within a week in fluoride contaminated water……Now that most are aware of fluoridation, they use bottled water to continue the process. Every bottled water company has fluoride in its water, yet it cost more than gasoline per litre….making money while killing you softly. Prior to fluoridation, cancer was non existent. Cancer treatments are so expensive, most cannot afford it. Worse even, cancer treatments are radiation based……you think you are getting medicine, but it is just more of what caused your cancer in the first place. Modern Medicine is a slaughterhouse. This is also why modern medicine vilifies acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. Fact is acupuncture and chiropractic treatment actually cures ailments. They are not a part of the pharmaceutical industry, therefore they are shunned and hidden as options for treatment.

  3. Brent Tanner says:

    Perhaps Fl only damages non Germanic genomes. I've ingested over a ton of FL over decades and am stronger/faster than ever. Aaaaaaaaaa…drool.

  4. WAKE UP WORLD !!   The Nazis used this stuff to dumb down the prisoners.

  5. Medicating people without informed consent is a form of battery. Everyone who drinks fluoridated water should have their levels checked and send the bill to the water plants. Call your local sheriff and file a complaint of battery

  6. Wesley Kyle says:

    If you were in touch with history, in the early 20th century you could fish any river in America and live off the fish you could catch. Now health officials warn not to eat more than one or two fish a month, because of heavy metals and other toxins… It's crazy how more people aren't strongly against this. Ohio, Chattanooga, Mississippi, Shenandoah, Little Hawking, and more that I've fished have this warning…. Pretty much only private stream are halfway safe… That's 4 fish a month… This is just crazy how these companies are getting away with this.

  7. Sharon Nibor says:

    Please sign the petition – tell the EPA to do its job and ban fluoridation chemicals as drinking water additives

  8. Terra Firma says:

    It's illegal and a form of battery to medicate people without informed consent. Water plants and cities can get sued for this criminal practice

  9. Devan Hale says:

    i do believe in the beginning they honestly thought it was harmless and was trying to cut back on tooth problems but after they found out more about it they went evil

  10. Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face.

  11. protecting your teeth is OPTIONAL.

  12. fluoride is good for your teeth. = fakenews.

  13. CQ654 says:

    The Amercan Dental Association should be charged with crimes against humanity for what they are pushing on people. Flouride is bad enough never mind the "silver" amalgams which actually contain more mercury than anything else, one of the most toxic substances to human health. They knew all along that why they are marketed as silver instead. Total BS!

  14. They didn't mention that Hitler was giving fluoride to the Jews in the concentration camps!

  15. Dan Sullivan says:

    a few minutes in, already noticed 2 mistakes. first they were exploring harmful effects of fluorine (F2) not flouride (F-) or sodium flouride (NaF). second, he said that children don't have adult teeth re: benefits of drinking fluoridated water. they most certainly do have adult teeth in their skull and jaw. look at an ex ray of a young child and you'll see 2 sets of teeth. humans are born with all the teeth we'll ever have. they don't grow from gum, they just push through gum. too much bias and misinformation already

  16. Tam6049 says:

    Population control, total corruption, we are just guinea pig's. pitiful

  17. ochretide says:

    The Fluoride Action Network movement is doing great work to the end the use of fluoride in drinking water.

  18. we are living in a gas that we are happy to pump full of unhealthy products — co2 is bad oxygen is bad hydrogen is bad things are bad guns are bad salt is bad — poly vinyl chloride is also really bad anything dioxen is bad — god is good !!!!

  19. Why do this? Whether fluoride is good or bad for you, they shouldn't add it to the damn drinking water. The only benefit is that it's supposedly good for our teeth. It's not like it prevents death! We can get other forms of fluoride, primarily in our tooth pastes and mouth wash, if we wish

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