Four Horsemen – illuminati – Documentary


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  1. talk2me9ja says:

    The destruction of the America middle class began during Ronald Reagan, the disciple of Ire Rand.  The middle class creation and life span was very short.

  2. talk2me9ja says:

    The system of hoarding and gluttony in the west created by the Zionists is what is responsible for where man kind is today.  Even here now the narrator is using black people as the face of Zionists propaganda for its white supremacy ideology and claiming that black people are the ones who are poor.  Some one needs to tell these propagandists and one track thinking people that many whites in their society now know the truth that many of them are being deceive by pushing their focus on the poverty of others in mostly Africa countries while everything their fore fathers work for is being stolen by international financial crooks.  .

  3. talk2me9ja says:

    Zionists have perfected the destruction and control of peoples live by pitching some group against others.

  4. this man is speaking the truth

  5. Steven Booth says:

    those who calls the problem this injure the development of our youth

  6. Steven Booth says:

    yes the GLOBALIST do not want you to own your own property ,it makes them feel weak.

  7. Steven Booth says:

    it's not about who's guilty it's about correcting the problem! practicing Truth , Reality and question when something just doesn't seem right with your COMPASS!!!

  8. Steven Booth says:

    they don't talk about Chemtrails and all the chemicals they put in the air, look at Vietnam weather ?

  9. Steven Booth says:

    it's called taking one step forward and two steps back but these people in power don't see it like that

  10. Steven Booth says:

    see that's the thing that these globalist weren't counting on or maybe they were because they knew they weren't going to be around to breed the injury that they were going to sustain they don't care about their kids, they don't have to reap or the repercussions the day started but what a start it was is the majority of people as it kept growing and growing and growing that eventually it was going to catch up to , you can not Xscape that what you start.

  11. Steven Booth says:

    look at it this way up is down and down is up what our government is been for millennials . they blame everything on you to bring you down when they have been controlling the narrative for centuries to sway their greed and make it work for them

  12. Steven Booth says:

    the rich have always been taking from the poor

  13. Steven Booth says:

    all the people that sit there and say oh well I'm great, I have things, you can't take it with you when you die you moron.

  14. Steven Booth says:

    Voltaire was a smart man

  15. Steven Booth says:

    you want to know why Optimistic live so long, it's because they don't have a sense of things to come, don't care about nobody else around them ,thats way it takes them longer to learn the necessities of life.

  16. Steven Booth says:

    we were born into it we didn't make it os now we all suffer for it, thank you greedy ass banking, degenerate, inbreds.

  17. Ms Bracero says:

    URGENT WARNING : These entities are Very Real! Their existence is documented in history as far back as Adam and Eve. But these beings Are Not extraterrestrial…nor from intelligent alien civilization from outterspace. No! The technology they bring is a lure to make us trust them.
    These are actually very powerful interdementional Demonic beings. Key Word: Demons who came to steal kll and destroy. They are Evil to the core with a devastating hellish hate towards humanity and the precious life we have. They go as far as altering our DNA to weaken our ability to reason. They have done this before and they are doing it again.
    They are Never Ever to be trusted!
    They are very capable of Decieving even the elite.
    They want us to believe God the creator is not real and in effect disarming us….makeking us vulnerable and easy to manipulated, attack and kill. This is part of the biblical "great deception". These are spiritual demonic beings…and there is only One Way to defeat them.
    Can we mear humans engage in spiritual battle with a real life demon and win?! Of Course Not! We are immortal and powerless in the spiritual realms. We need a Benevolent Higher Power to call on to fight our battles.
    I found compelling proof through years of research that calling on the name of Jesus Christ is the most efficient weapon against them. Calling on Christ can potentially stop an abduction and /or reverse damage that already has been done.
    The great majority Near Death Experiences testify Jesus Christ effortlessly dominates, and overpower all demons, rescuing people, saving them and giving a second chance in order to comeback and warn the living. Those rescued by Jesus experience profound and permanent inner transformation to the point of losing fear of death. Jesus is real and He offered to save us in exchange of believing in Him.
    This message is not hate….but a message of HOPE. We all have a choice to make in life. Some will ignore this message but others will receive The TRUTH … Jesus is real and very much alive today and if you are ever under attack by these evil entities call on Jesus Christ ….HE will fight your battle and Win!
    And Remember …Like any SuperNatural Power you Must Believe in order to see results. You must BELIEVE Jesus is God in the flesh and very much alive today in order to fall under His Authority and protection.
    Calling on the name of Jesus Christ can stop an abduction and can potentially reverse damage that has already been done. He is the Only Solution to your problem. The Power and Authority is in His blood. No demon can fight against Him and That's a Fact!
    Please heed the warning and share this Important truth. Jesus saves lives! The End.


  18. RonFella says:

    "The average empire lasts 250 years." – LOL! The Egyptians lasted thousands so did the Greeks, Romans and the Chinese. Had to turn it off after that.

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