Fox News Starting World War 3


More Evidence of war with Iran.


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  1. detroit234 says:

    will everyone stop being so damn racist. ichida007 yeah im talking to you.

  2. yamert00 says:

    I wonder what would have happened if American Politicians say that Bin Laden is in Russia ? hahahaha.
    I dont think USA would "liberate" Russia in this case :))) hahaha Bush fucking idiot.

  3. gearupforww3- your a fucking douchebag- Stop listening to Alex Jones. IDIOT!

  4. PQRLOVE says:

    Nixon went, hat in hand, to China to end the war. His bombing made him lose the war. Only the Chinese could save him.

  5. YzYrCmnSns says:

    Wow, you lefties use a bunch of years worth of video clips stuck together in one "scary" video edit to attack a news channel you hate. Yep, a cable new channel will start world war three. Not the insane dictator of Iran who wishes to commit genocide on the Jews, and start the end times to hasted the return of the 12 Imam (he said that himself). That sounds logical. He's a peace loving great leader like your other heroes: Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro. Liberalism is a form of metal retardation.

  6. YzYrCmnSns says:

    Hey PQRLOVE, Maybe you missed the fact that JFK got us into Vietnam, and LBJ escalated it into a major war. It was LBJ's bombings that Nixon had to go to China for. Nixon got us out of Vietnam. And, it was the debt from LBJ's war and his socialist welfare plan "The Great Society" that caused us to drop the gold standard that backed our currency and move to the debt standard that has now bankrupted our nation beyond repair. Man, you "enlightened" liberal are stupid.

  7. YzYrCmnSns says:

    WMDs were basically found in Iraq. What do you call 550 metric tons of "yellowcake" uranium — the seed material for weapons-grade nuclear enrichment that the U.S. found. Yeah, you MSNBC viewers probably never heard of that.

  8. YzYrCmnSns says:

    Oh, estrelite, you're one of those 911 conspiracy kooks! I suppose we also bombed the Trade Center in '93 too, and the USS Cole in '99? I totally agree with you though, CHAOS = ORDER OR WW3 = NWO. (e.g. Hitler [nationalist/socialist], Stalin [Marxist/communist], Mussolini [socialist/fascist]). See the constant here. All socialist and communist. All LEFT-WING (don't forget Pol Pot and Mao). All totalitarian tyrants who slaughtered their own people. You're what Lenin referred to as a useful idiot.

  9. CplDrew says:

    argh, this is no good :(

  10. Jay Roy says:

    lolll yea Fox tv suck they talking of pure bullshit they have laugh of our canadian military in that war and its nothing our war its have do a big political scandal canada was going to stop sending troop usa gouvernement have say sorry all cause of the stupid bullshit of fox tv who said is it the good time to invade the canada

  11. epsilon945 says:

    Hey When is evry one gona wake Up Another False flag manipulated jounalism working For Illuminati, America is on the brink of economical colapse, Iran is Full of goodies Oil Natural gas Are you Young people ready to die to fill up the pocketsof those who created 9/11The people of america have to see this its the whole world thats gona collaps, Your Childrens future youre lives whats left of it
    the zionists own you israil governs you de population is their Trget they dont care about us!!

  12. b1005c says:

    What was the name of that James Bond movie with demented newspaper tycoon? I'm sure they had Rupert for a prototype. 🙂
    Give the people news they want. In FOX case, american seniors demand military action and conspiracy.
    Who else watches TV-network news, minus professionals of all kinds?

  13. iran is simply trying to build a defense force from ongoing threats from america and israel

  14. Zionists/Zionist jews must be exterminated

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