Foxy Brown Breaks Silence About Jay Z And Industry Life Part 1


Foxy Brown Breaks Silence About Jay Z And Industry Life Foxy Brown has a In Depth Interview add us …


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  1. Codycole80 says:

    She sounds like she's high or mentally unstable. Something's off with her.

  2. Emily Rose says:

    Why she sound Dingy asf!!!

  3. foxy was self destructive. now her time has passed.

  4. Chyna says:

    why all these females starting to sound alike…Still like foxy but that's not her.

  5. now see speaking really isn't the subject. what is being said is what is important to the conversation. deflecting from the point. i don't believe her to be untruthful, (she is high though) but what she has said about ole boy, J is pretty much on point. It was out long before she spoke on it. ( at least,I heard it before her from someone pretty well "IN") Also, the baby was surrogate. theirs but surrogate.

  6. callie1on1 says:

    sounds like she's on DRuuuugs!  can't finish listening

  7. go a couple days without hearing,it's scientifically proven your voice changes because you dont really hear your voice how everyone hear it and if she was in the process of her hearing leaving slowly she would hear her voice as a light echo and last stage of hearing loss would sound like your ears is in water and you wouldn't catch every word spoken by yourself and others,science is amazing!

  8. My favorite foxy brown song was touch me tease ft case.

  9. J Jadender says:

    ?Y'all didn't like my voice over work?!


  11. S1KRR says:

    I don't think she sounds like a white girl. I can't handle the tone of her voice.  I'm happy she doesn't sound ghetto fab like so many others.

  12. Tyler Clark says:

    So fake lol. That even what she sounds like. Yall corny af.

  13. Xenobia Ten says:

    I don't know 1 single foxy b song

  14. Cari Rangel says:

    Her voice changed due to her going deaf, ain't nothing wrong with that, people is so mean to judge her because of her voice.

  15. That's crazy!! I used to live across the street from inga & her brothers& fam on st marks @'ve in bklyn, I was living in one of my many "foster homes back then.. she was just getting started then and, shit was poppin!!

  16. Yadee Roses says:

    give her a few mg of vicodin. I can't even listen to this. wtf is she saying?? …… on to the next video

  17. Anyways Foxy you're drop dead gorgeous thanks for being one the rap game legends as a female. love you muah. Her mom raised her well

  18. I'm with everyone when I say where is the Foxy Brown that was on Ill Na Na where did the voice come from??? I'm not judging I'm just confused

  19. nicole l says:

    Why does she sound high?

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