Fractional Reserve Currency: A Scam, A Pyramid Scheme

truther October 29, 2011 2

Our current ‘fractional reserve’ currency system is DEPENDENT upon more debt in order to grow. It’s a statement that may sound crazy, but it’s true. If there is less debt in the system, the system itself becomes deflationary, and begins to collapse. Sick, isn’t it?

Every single dollar is borrowed into existence, and it’s owed back with interest.

Michael Maloney, CEO of, when speaking about the ‘fractional reserve’ currency system in the short video below, says…

“It’s a scam, it’s a pyramid scheme”

“We pay tax for the privilege to have currency”

“We are going to be experiencing greater changes in this decade than anybody has seen in their lifetimes”

“What your are going to see in this decade is going to be astounding”

While reading comments from others regarding the ‘fractional reserve’ currency system, some say…

If there was a movement to ensure that all 8th graders (or high school seniors – or even college freshmen) truly understood what fractional reserve banking was, or how it operates in the real world, and the toxic consequences of its very practice, many would begin to question almost everything they had been told their entire lives, on the assumption that they were being told the truth.

Fractional reserve banking using inherently worthless fiat currency is the most cunning and destructive ruse that man has ever created.

It is not taught for a reason.

Fractional reserve banking as state doctrine is akin to having a system in place whereby all babies would be born pre-addicted to a potent drug, and then keeping them on that drug for the rest of their lives, withdrawing it or providing it in excess, depending upon what behavior The-Powers-That-Be wanted to induce from the populace.

Fractional reserve banking allows a handful of people to create a broken-willed herd of debt serfs.

…and it is extraordinarily efficient.

Michael Maloney –

While I know that the present currency system “is what it is” and we have to operate within it, for now… it is educational to learn more about how this system of creating currency really works.

We can still individually choose to NOT participate by not taking on debt (or, ‘excessive’ or risky debt). NOT taking on debt will NOT feed the system. However, it may possibly lead toward more individual liberty, freedom, and independence while not becoming a debt serf-slave who is beholden to their financial masters (banksters).

I suggest thinking about ‘opting out’.

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  1. James M Nunes November 2, 2011 at 10:58 pm - Reply

    The implements of change:
    1-Strikes 2-Boycots 3-Protest 4-Cash and Barter Economy 5-Flyers 6-Town Hall Meetings 7-Forming Cooperatives 8-Withdrawing Your Money From the Banks and investing it in hard currency in the form of gold and silver. 8-Forming Workers Communities. 9-Patronizing the little guy instead of these corporate goblers that out-sourced the manufactuting. 10-Establish light industry. One guy makes shoes, another clothes, furniture etc. We live in workers communities and trade among our selves. That way we keep the money locally and in ciruculation. We can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. United we stand divided we fall. The most effective method to hurt these elite politicians, bankers and industrialist isto hit them in the pocket book. That is the only thing that they understand.

  2. Tom Brwon November 1, 2011 at 11:49 pm - Reply

    Opting out of the debt system is a recommendation we should all consider. It would collapse the system quickly because there would be no money in circulation to operate the consumer economy. We all know that is impossible. Everyone is saddled to debt but the point to make is that even for those who opt out they don’t escape the devastation of a phony money system. They too are victims of inflation caused solely by this insidious system, downward pressure on their wages which for most is a massive killer of individual wealth as the money system actually devalues labor – something of real value is diminished as a direct result of the constant debt service employers are forces into to and must keep wages low.

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