FSS World News Update – WorldWar 3 – Nuclear Defense – Spreading Virus – Intel Gathering


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  1. Ronnie D says:

    was wondering what was going on with Russia…

  2. Ame3thyst3 says:

    Thank you so much Brad! So much is happening around the world.
    I wonder if the mass die-off of reindeer in Norway might be due to the Nuclear Fall-Out on the ground. Perhaps when the lightning hit the ground, all the radioactive isotopes greatly increased the deadly electrocution of the lightning. Just a thought.
    Thank you again and bless you and yours as always :)

  3. Pat Barrow says:

    thankyou for the awesome news coverage

  4. rls303 says:

    Another great report, Thanks for all you do

  5. See Canon says:

    Monday, I can understand Monday. Gene Wilder died at 83 today. I don't believe that Israel will disappear off the earth. Saw that quake. Whole lotta shakin' goin' on. Thanks for the news not mentioned on the news.

  6. Thank you Brad. Not looking to good for this poor world and humanity.
    All my best.

  7. sarana dd says:

    I noted the one Tip regarding solar energy for a couple hundred bucks. Went to your site to see if there are recommendations but did not see any. Do you ever do such a thing? I do google search for them but never sure if really good or not and never see something at such a price. Live in an apartment so would need to be something small and portable like if possible… Had to sell off my propane and other type energy items due to laws in apartments now. This place is electric and that is it. TIA.

  8. thanks brad, we watch everyday.  sometimes we hit your vid 3 times a day.

  9. Lightening? 300 reindeer? Hmmm im thinking not.

  10. 904 Outdoors says:

    great video as always! crazy stuff going on in the world… keep the news coming…

  11. Thanks for a great report!

  12. GSD Alpha says:

    So we're financing Iran's air defense with the ransom and other payments. Isn't that special? <Think SNL's Church Lady>

  13. Must have been one heck of a lightning strike to get that many reindeer … probably something else.

  14. R94A21 says:

    Signs of "Iran Nuclear Attack" and "Sinking Ship in Southeast Asia" in 2017

  15. VSE VT says:

    very interesting channel. thanks for sharing. and I hope you do not mind to subscribe to my channel , as I also subscribe to your channel. My like # 247 🙂 Thank you very much and may you always get all the best in each your time.

  16. Lol. Your videos always cheer me up.

  17. Helen Alonso says:

    Thank you great news

  18. movinon04 says:

    seems all countries are posturing of late- as it always happens in a presidential election year- as for the Norwegian die off- it will become more prevalent as more melting of ice pack continues-it will also becfome more widespread with evaporation carrying it into the clouds to be dropped somewhere else as rain- releasing bacteria etc that no life has been exposed to for thousands of years- thanks for the update- blessings

  19. I don't care if every nuke goes off in this world I will never accept the One World Government and one world religion they're one world money I will never accept anything that they have I would rather die than accept anything they can shove their order up their ass

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