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  1. Fucking campaign of fear !

  2. kosnow11 says:

    Subscribed > Good work, mate and sorry for your troubles.

  3. nosly1973 says:

    The gov doesn't just lick the arse of the corporations, it is in fact a for profit corporation!! They all are, the police, nhs, all our councils too and the reason we are shit to them is that we are dead and lost at sea under the admiralty law they have snidely put us under!! It all starts with the birth certificate and goes back to 1666!! That's when an act was passed enabling the gov to take everybodys lives and property into trust!!! We r dead chattel to them and is why the courts wont recognise the human man just the straw man fictional entity created when every baby is registered!!! England is bankrupt and has been since the 1870's, its all out there if u look!!! Not just in the u.k but also in the u.s, Australia, Canada infact everywhere with democracy and a central rothchild bank!!

  4. anti Satan says:

    in America we are not free… unless your a faggot then you are free..everyone else?… no

  5. Our government has been usurped by a shadow government run by Zionist Neocons and held by puppets who are told how to act. The gov no longer cares about it's population( did it ever?) it only cares about the corporations which are running this country to the ground.. Why? Because the corporations are run & owned by insane psychopaths called the Globalist Elite which manipulate our very lives. And still we do nothing but allow these psychos to get away with it.How can that be??

  6. We've become a world of mind controlled sheeple allowing murder and massacre, wars, the raping of children.. Run by sicko pedophiles like David Cameron and Barrack OBAMA .

  7. jbette says:

    man though this pisses me off to no end – thank you for putting this out (hate D-bags like Beck having airs that they speak for US citizens)
    also, glad to hear you (Wolvoman80) know better than to accept the whole lazy benefits scrounger. it's absolute insanity to continue on with the bullshit: be a nice docile, mindless-BS-news-gobbling, dumb-ass hamster running in the stupid (hamster) wheel (aka filling in some bullshit job, performing no real work), blindly accepting ever-increasing debt, paying nonsensical taxes (which has no legal-basis in the USA).

    it makes no sense! there's SO MANY MORE OF US !?!?! (the little people with jack for income, ever increasingly lower and lower wages while having to take on more and more debt) The ratio of criminal wealthy class and psychotic cheap whore politicians and their mindless bulldogs (military personnel that carry out all the heartless – mindless violence against innocent people of the world to continue the perpetuation of inhumanity and outright street-thug shit to protect interest of the 1% rich pansys)

    dude the day the take away US Citizen's right to bear arms … crap! how I hope it never comes to that …

    my heart and wishes/hopes to us all

  8. Lesley Boyes says:

    That's a terrible accent !

  9. TheRahkul says:

    The music is too loud.


  11. Ryan Hale says:

    Y'all are retarded, like in the brain I mean people fuckin sure suck huh?? I hate being one half the time, not..well…most likely MORE than half the time! physically weak, lame rich ppl ruining the country trying to rule the world n the oppressed not knowing how to truly "get back" at them.

  12. Randy Fricke says:

    The enforcers sure are addicted to their government paychecks.

  13. Itsall Lies says:

    fuck your ads youtube GREED GREED GREED

  14. Geoff Shaw says:

    If you don't like the countries you are in, FUCK OFF back to your own then !

  15. Shak0033 says:

    God bless the queen. +WOLVOMAN80.

  16. 94mikemyers says:

    I'm in the US and I'm watching it now so it's here very good. War and slavery is all this world is about. 1 comment said if I don't like the country I'm in I should leave, send me a check and I will leave as I'm Way too poor now. We are living in the movie 1984 doesn't matter which version its free to watch on YouTube.

  17. Glenn Beck is a complete imbecile.

  18. Doc Faustus says:

    Lose the music ! I want to hear whats being said .I hate straining to hear because of the stupid background music.Many times I will just turn it off.

  19. Kieser Sozay says:

    Can anyone tell me how to become part of the Illuminati? I heard its a great growth company with employee perks like Google.

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