Fulfilled Vision from the Lord- Events Leading up to World War 3


We are witnessing the very last events before World War 3 Begins.


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  1. Thanks realy in joyed vid

  2. Tamaqua1212 says:

    yes, I believe this also, everything is being set-up for Wold War III. Everyone in America is to busy fighting and arguing with each other over race, politics and religion to see it. All the while Russia and China are watching and waiting for us to become weak enough for them to attack.

  3. this not even entertaining. nowhere near biblically correct. I must say I'm disappointed

  4. everyone needs to take note of his constant blinking not to mention his eye sockets repeatedly phasing out to a yellow color. not human behavior at all. just because he's old a preacher and saying the right thing should not let you drop your guard even Satan can appear as something entirely charming apart from what he is

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