Full Bizarre, Demonic Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony, Satanic, New World Order, Illuminati Ritual


This is the entire NWO, satanic tunnel opening ceremony at the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland. The ceremony took position in two sections. There is a limited clip of dignitaries and elites spliced in among the two ritualistic ceremonies.
The initial portion of the ceremony took position in a practice dwelling right before the elites ended up loaded on to the practice and despatched as a result of the Gotthard tunnel. The next portion of the ceremony took position after the trip nevertheless the tunnel.
This is a hundred% satanic, evil, new planet get garbage that will make the hairs stand up on the again of your neck!


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  1. Andrey Stoll says:


  2. Tom Evans says:

    monarch programming

  3. Tom Evans says:

    Anyone know what the old man is saying/singing?

  4. Simplee moi says:

    the performers are the children that go missing all grown up?

  5. Troy McGee says:

    Next: Let's raise the Titanic and polish the brass…

  6. BANGTAN ART says:

    Kids, don't worry, it is just a performance based on a legend about tunnels/bridges in wich the devil appears and helps to complete an impossible task in exchange for a life

  7. nbenj100 says:

    it was so much fun playing the grass monster part i will never forget that day Brilliant cant wait for the next one

  8. That waste of space, piece of shit Merkel has time to enjoy this, but not protect the people already living in her country. Plus those Pep Boys at the end are the scariest part. My mother always said, never trust a hydrocephalic… or a politician more worried about the outside world than their own citizens.

  9. coming from Switzerland the same country Giger grew up in no wonder it's dark

  10. as a satanist I can see a beautiful play from Switzerland marking an important event. but to you a theist you see it as just another threat

  11. Traina says:

    This is so pretty, wish I was their "God".

  12. Lala Oubli says:

    Most of the comments here are those of uneducated ignorants. The symbols used in this ceremony tells about ancient tradition et culture of the Swiss mountains. The fact that some of you are shocked by this performance frightens me more than even the evocation of satanic ceremony, because it reveals your lack of curiosity, maturity, open-mindedness to an artistique proposal.

  13. Marley Z says:

    this is the whitest thing i have ever seen!!????

  14. Orias says:

    where do I sign up to join the dance crew?

  15. What the hell did I just watch??

    nice SICK example how OUT OF CONTROL humanity has become!
    wake up WORLD
    911 was flashed again again and again (clock scene)…
    death you CELEBRATE and very soon your WISHES will bee granted upon ALL U sick FUCKS.
    Judgement day is HERE
    semper fidelis
    daniel john de Luca

  17. I hope nobody paid for this ridiculousness..wtf

  18. whats really stupid is  religion its really funny I think  everyone has a god but what everyone perceives as god has been false we r not alone there is no god

  19. Look at all these idiots claiming this is "Art".

    What a stupid baboon you are.

  20. its funny, when I typing in searching on YouTube gotthard ceremony to find this video, YouTube gave me options of the Britain quin family, celebrities and illuminati stories. I find its very interesting how they are all related…

  21. now you can see who is the Bob the builder of this underground, looks like Illuminati. such pathetic ceremony preformed for them. you cannot watch this boring shit for one hour!! people probably continue watching for the sake of curiosity.

  22. plushrecon says:

    They worship Moloch/Baphomet

  23. Idj cienzo says:

    i banned this dont play it lowd in youre house i am warning all you people !!!!!

  24. Oh shit illuminati, satan, new order, armageddon…who gives a fuck, its just a ceremony, theres a lot of weird shit on the internet that not associated with satanism, its interesting and different, not demonic and evil.

  25. Harley Quinn says:

    They're not even trying anymore. Illuminati pls.

  26. runbear says:

    Satanic rituals in plain sight, just like the Superbowl with Madonna and her Satanic sacrifices

  27. Code Ender says:

    how the fuck does this have to do with mountain pagen folklore the goat is having sex with a woman come the fuck on you ignorant sheep the church is trying to bring about revelations

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