Game Over: Total Collapse is Imminent


Dave Hodges

America, while you slept, your country was stolen from you. Your country was absconded by all the political misfits and corporate criminals that the disenfranchised former Republicans and Democrats have been trying to warn you about during the last several years.

 How Did We Get Here?

Laws, originating out of New Deal legislation, written in response to the Great Depression, provided some measure of protection for the American financial system from the unsavory forces which led to its initial demise in 1929. In 2008, corporate greed, governmental corruption and a populace who was asleep at the wheel, has succeeded in achieving what historians will someday label the “Greatest Depression of 2013-2014.” History will also show that the destruction of the late, great American economy was entirely self-inflicted.

 Game Over Total Collapse is Imminent

Why the US Economy Is Irreversibly Damaged

If Americans knew their history, then we would be cognizant of the fact that one of the prime causes of the Great Depression was due to stock investors buying shares on margin (i.e., loans). Glass Steagall Act protected Americans from this shady practice by separating commercial banking from this investment practice of stockbrokers. However, with one stroke of his New World Order pen, Bill Clinton’s repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act opened the flood gates for the domestic AND foreign infusion of bad credit into both our stock market and banking system. Consequently, both industries stand in the midst of a total and complete economic collapse in what is quickly becoming known as the most massive wealth transfer in world history.

On September 30, 1999 , Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sought governmental permission to “relax” (i.e., break) the prudent governmental regulations on sound lending practices and begin to make loans to individuals who were not credit worthy. This spelled the death of the mortgage industry as we once knew it and the housing market was collapsed.

The Uptick Rule once prevented companies from crashing due to large scale shorting of company stock. A company’s stock could not be sold short as long as it was in continuous decline. Short sellers had to wait for an uptick in the stock before engaging in shorting. The Uptick Rule was retired in 2007 and the rest, as they say, is history. The elimination of the Uptick Rule is like going to a basketball game and not being able to see the scoreboard. Who’s ahead, who’s behind? Nobody knows but “Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets!” What is your stock portfolio worth? Who knows? Who cares? Somebody wealthy is getting wealthier at your expense and you and your middle class investors are none the wiser.

The rapid increase in the price of fuel during the last several years is a good example of the destructive nature of the derivative market. Most of the price gouging which resulted in unprecedented increases in gas prices, and record oil company profits, was due to speculation in futures especially by Goldman Sachs which just happens to be former Treasury Secretary’s Henry Paulson’s old company. Paulson oversaw the first bailouts as a result of the derivatives market failure. Today the derivatives market has collapsed and the collapse has pulled our entire economy along with it. The Federal Reserve is temporarily keeping the economy barely afloat by printing massive sums of money, but this game is almost over.

Why America Can Never Recover

banksters get out of jail card free

Derivatives are not stocks or bonds or anything of tangible value. The value of a derivative is technically viewed as “anticipated future value.” Therefore, derivatives have no real value. However, a derivatives transaction must have the backing of a financial institution such as a brokerage or a bank. The assets used to back up and collateralize the worthless derivatives are real and substantial. When the derivatives market crashed, it took down hard assets of tangible value. In effect, the economy had stupidly used something in order to back up nothing and the something is now in the total control of the central bankers. To cover the losses of the “too-big-to-fail” entities, the bailouts were initiated in what constituted the largest wealth transfer in world history.

This is the ultimate money game in which paper derived from other paper, such as futures and options, has served to bolster the balance sheets on Wall Street. Futures and options are exchanged traded derivatives, but the largest group of derivatives is not even traded on the exchanges. These are called “counterparty derivatives” and consist of such financial entities as mortgage backed securities and credit default swaps.

It is estimated that total derivative exposure of the financial system is between one quadrillion and one and a half quadrillion. A quadrillion is 1,000 trillion dollars and it has largely collapsed. The entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of all the world’s countries in 2011 was approximately 77 trillion dollars. GDP is an economic term for everything that is produced for sale. The American middle class is being asked to bear the burden of the entire derivatives market collapse which totals over 16 times the net value of the entire planet. No amount of bailouts can ever cover the loss. This is simply the bankers way of transferring what is left of middle class wealth before the final collapse.


dhs vehicle

Where do you think the bail out money went? Ask yourself why so many corporate heads are building homes overseas? Why did George Bush build a 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay? Why is NORTHCOM, a combat organization, is engaged in urban riot control training? Why did DHS purchase 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition to go with their 2700 armored personnel carriers? Even the National Weather Service has purchased million of rounds of ammunition. Why are the Russians training on American soil with FEMA in a bilateral agreement signed by Obama? Why are we seeing one disaster drill after another being carried out in this country? Here is a partial list of disaster drills being carried between September 25-November 13th.

Port of Houston Ran Simulation Drill for ‘Dirty Bomb’ Attack Sept. 25

Maine Hosted Secret Multi-Agency Disaster Drill Sept. 25

Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill Set Oct. 17

More Than 1,000 Banks Plan National Cyber-Attack Drill Oct. 16-17, Oct. 23-24

Quantum Dawn’ Is a Cyber-Attack Bank Drill –

Banks Get an “F” in Security

GridEx2 Nov. 13-14

Many of us feel that inside one of these disaster drills lies the false flag event which will be used to collapse the economy and lead to either martial law or civil war. Do you really think that language is too strong? On Friday, Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) stated that the political rhetoric has reached civil war levels.

The central bankers know that no amount of Quantitative Easing can pay for the hard assets that were lost in order to collateralize the derivatives. They have no option but to collapse the system and start over, but before they do, they are going to steal everything that is not nailed down. This is why in preparation of this move to collapse the system, they are obtaining as many hard assets as possible. This is why the Federal Reserve has been printing 40 billion dollars per month for the sole purpose of purchasing mortgage backed securities. This is why central bankers are under orders from the Bank of International Settlement which has ordered its rank and file central bankers from each country to greatly minimize loans in order to limit exposure when the collapse occurs. This is why the MERS mortgage fraud, in which millions of people are having their houses stolen through the creation of phony titles, continues unabated. This is why the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that once a depositor puts their money in the bank, the bank owns the money.  This is why Treasury Secretary Lew began to “borrow” against federal pensions late last spring. This is why DHS, the IRS et al are preparing to go to war with the American people as they arm to the teeth. This is why the foreign troops are here.You are on the Titanic and you are going down. Still not convinced? Then explain Cyprus, Greece, Poland and now Panama where the TPTB are stealing pensions and bank accounts and you don‘t think it can happen to you because you are an American?

We have options America. We could arrest the Wall Street thugs that perpetrated this whole bloody mess and issue a declaration of debt repudiation. However, the other side is prepared to fight you as evidenced by the recent militarization of every federal agency. I do not believe that that America has the intestinal fortitude to fight back. We are a soft nation. And if we did resist, we should be prepared to fight the Russians and the Chinese on American soil because the central bankers will certainly follow a Red Dawn scenario.

When the Titanic went down, who did they save? They saved 70% of the wealthy as they were the ones that got into the life boats while the coach passengers were locked into steerage in which only 10% of those poor persons survived. This is exactly what is going on now. The government is not bailing out small business owners, pension holders and the average investor. They, we, are only bailing out the rich friends of the international bankers. The rest of us are locked into middle class steerage. Get your money out of the bank. Cash in your 401K and your pensions. The game is over and you only have time to jump from this sinking ship. 

America, there is a price for our collective ignorance and it is called enslavement.

Our moms were wrong, what you don’t know can and will hurt you!

game over

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  1. Rex O'Steen says:

    This article is alarming, because it does not provide evidence from its far reaching statements, and, therefore, casts doubt as to what I read on this website by accepting it for publication. How does the uptick rule invalidate knowing what your investments are worth? Why say, “Who knows” or “Who cares?” While the uptick rule may add instability to short-term swings, it does not mean we can’t ‘know the score.’ Shorting a stock just gives an investor, the right to sell it the stock. It does not undermine the inherent value of the physical assets making a product. In most cases, the guess are wrong, so ‘someone wealthier’ gets a little poorer. This concept illustrates my problems with this article. I agree that eliminating the uptick rule is not good, but it does not mean we do not know what our investments are worth. In fact, if a stock unjustly falls in value, investors may buy additional shares. The negative significance of the uptick rule is vastly overstated. I have to take what I read ‘with a grain of salt.’ The author states the price of gas is the result of ‘price gouging,’ but he does not show the relative effect of this ‘price gouging.’ The price of gas has risen, but how much of the rise is due to increased demand for gasoline by emerging markets, and how much is due to price gouging? How is the price gouging related to derivatives? The author says the derivatives market has collapsed, but why are not we feeling the effect of such a massive scam ? If we have paper on top of paper that has undermined our assets, where is the effect of the collapse, beyond the banks that got bailed out, and whose stock prices dropped ? Yet, the author in the next sentence says, “The Federal Reserve is temporarily keeping the economy barely afloat…but this game is almost over.” I agree with this statement. This combination of bombastic and valid points is what makes the article so disturbing, because it casts doubt on other articles I read.

    For example, yesterday’s article about detaining homeless people in South Carolina camps shows a picture of skinny men behind barb wires. But I remember this picture, and it came from the Bosnia War in the Clinton Administration. These men were not homeless US citizens, but hapless fighters on the wrong side of the fight in the former Yugoslavia.

  2. James says:

    A friend of mine(state trooper) pulled over an overloaded 18 wheeler a couple of weeks ago on the highway and asked to search the back. The driver said yes of course. When he opened the back the hair on the back of his neck stood up…it was packed right to the door of MARTIAL LAW signs.

  3. DocNo says:

    “President Barack Obama waited ‘til the third day of the government “shutdown” to play the senior citizen card, telling a Maryland audience that, if the partisan standoff over a continuing resolution to fund the government escalates into a stalemate over the debt limit, people won’t get their Social Security checks.
    “In a government shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time. In an economic shutdown — if we don’t raise the debt ceiling — they don’t go out on time,” he said. “In a government shutdown, disability benefits still arrive on time. In an economic shutdown, they don’t.”
    Well, that would certainly be devastating to the millions of people who depend on the returns they paid into Social Security in their working lives. But it’s pretty audacious of the President to play to affected seniors and disabled people as though they’re his political ace in the hole.”

    >>>With 700,000 to 800,000 Federal employees checks and social security checks for millions stopped… Total chaotic riots will break out in every city and state. Then the strategic groups will lead a full fledged civil war storming DC.

  4. Mohsen Samii says:

    It comes as no surprise to me and it should not come as a surprise to any God fearing person that the current state of America is as it is. Its ” Founding Fathers” where all Freemasons and belonged to Secret Ungodly societies and as such the ROOTS of the entire country was rotten to the core and this tree can and will yield bitter fruit only, It is simply the law of return which is impartial in its judgment.

    • doesntmatter says:

      “It comes as no surprise to me and it should not come as a surprise to any God fearing person that the current state of America is as it is. Its ” Founding Fathers” where all Freemasons and belonged to Secret Ungodly societies and as such the ROOTS of the entire country was rotten to the core and this tree can and will yield bitter fruit only, It is simply the law of return which is impartial in its judgment.”

      truth, truth…annnnnd nothing but the truth.

    • gino schafer says:

      You are a moron.

  5. DocNo says:

    The Federal Reserve counterfeited the silver/gold certificates, quarters, dimes etc under every sleeping sheep’s nose. They “paper-flim-flamed” We the People. They committed extortion and grand-larceny against We the People. Federal Reserve borrowed trillions from China and glued the debt to We the People’s derrières!
    Why didn’t We the People subpoena the promissory note and see who signed it and follow the money trail? I can bet you it went zigzag all the way to the dome in Israel… It is the Rothschild/Federal Reserve’s debt instead of We the People. Do you think We the People have what it takes to start the process? Hmm… Game over We the Woollies!

  6. 6WarVet says:

    Most American Imperialists/Nazi’s/Zionists/Fascists are Armed but sadly they have NO Balls what so ever..Americans will and have been taking that 12 inch Red,White and blue Dildo with star of David on one end and they REALLY enjoy it!!! Americans you are FINISHED! go back to sleep!

    • 5 War Veteran says:

      That is why the DHS listed military veterans as ‘terrorists’ because we are trained to use and most are willing to use whatever is necessary to maintain our freedom. You know that lie the government and military used on us to fight those wars for profit that we and our propagandized patriotic brothers believed for so long. I actually believed that fighting “communism” in other countries would keep it out of my own. (snow job) Now I am witnessing “communism” in my own country promoted by those who at one time told me it was the scourge of the planet.
      Multitudes of free handout programs that “redistribute wealth” from my pockets to those who have not earned it. Why would they want to work when they can get it for free? 47 million Americans are on handouts and the system is so corrupt and without adequate checks and balances.
      Yes there are times when jobs are not available because of a failure in government , programmed failure. Yes there ate people who because of infirmity, age, and disability who cannot work. Yet how often do we witness people with no apparent handicap using parking placards to walk into stores without any form of assistance? How often do we see people lazily park in fire lanes to saunter into stores “for just a moment” instead of parking legally and walking an extra 40 feet. to the store? Laziness. Pure laziness. These are the ones you have to worry about.

      Two days ago three clean up people were murdered at 2 am in a local bar after it was closed when two already drunken men were refused service because it was after “closing time”. The assumed the cleaning staff were patrons and then claimed it was “racism”. These men then went to their car and retrieved a shotgun and killed three of the 5 people in the bar. What is racism? Do people even have a realistic clue these days?
      If the want of a beer is sufficient reason to claim racism and murder innocent people just doing their job how much less will be necessary when starvation becomes a factor?
      The legal system that protects criminal freedoms better than victims rights is broken. When it takes 5 years to get a criminal to trial, the system is broken. When people who murder innocents are freed because a judge is on medication the system is broken. When politicians threaten their constituents with nuclear terrorism if they do not support a criminal war based on false flag terrorism the system is broken.(Lindsay Graham)

      Agreed upon common law courts will replace the current criminal legal system and justice will be meted out in record time, because we cannot afford to continue feeding and housing violent criminals for decades and those who commit multiple crimes need to be dealt with accordingly.

      Is it inhumane or cruel and unusual to remove the hand of a thief when they have committed multiple offenses? How many are enough in their chosen field of employment? When the food runs out how do you deal with cannibalism? Survival is a powerful instinct.

      Hard times require desperate measures. We have two types of criminals in the US. Those who are petty and those who seal our wealth through “legal” means. The USA has been damaged and now teeters on full destruction by “legalized criminals” also known as the banking, political and religious elite. All three engage in child molestation and child trafficking. Two, possibly all three also engage in live child sacrifice. One is specifically known for blood ritual on children, look up Mohle and Metispaeth. Then watch this video: Remember these are the same people who own the Federal banking cartel. A den of vipers and thieves.

      • P. A. Josleyn says:

        A most inspiring albeit disturbing monologue on what’s transpiring within the USA. I could find no arguments in your disertation and hope that all Americans (including military) take to heart what you have revealed here.

        I appreciate your time in the composition of it and the passion in which it was penned.

    • doesntmatter says:

      nah, some of us realllllllly don’t enjoy it….and due to the fact that I don’t depend on or trust in imperfect sinful mankind to do anything in my behalf, please believe that I am not finished, and never will be.

      I was born an “american”, but I denounced my citizenship and became a “child of God” a long time ago.

    • doesntmatter says:

      nah, some of us realllllllly don’t enjoy it….and due to the fact that I don’t depend on or trust in imperfect sinful mankind to do anything in my behalf, please believe that I am not finished, and never will be.

      I was born an “american”, but I denounced my citizenship and became a “child of God” a long time ago.

  7. zerpaka says:

    what do you think… america will just fall apart without converting to communism country first? and i thought this was a news site

  8. moose4u2 says:

    We the people have to fight back starting now or its over. WE HAVE BEEN SLEEPING FOR TOO LONG ITS TIME TO WAKE UP.Get rid of all these politicians now while we still can.

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